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Its finally out yall...been waiting for Pete's new album for a long time. So for those of yall that have already picked it up, how does it sound to you? Reviews would dope if you had time. Does PR stay true to his classic sound or switch up the style a little bit? From what little I've already heard from the album, I know it will be a great album.

I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, cause I'm waiting to pick it up at f.y.e. I heard that if you buy it there, it will come with a bonus dvd. Anyways, get out there and support one of the best producers of all time.


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I hope you bring the first review for it..

Thanks for that bro, I'm pretty sure that I will be able to pick it up on Saturday. So far I've heard that Pete's album isn't anything special, but I'm hoping thats not the case. I know I will like some of the tracks on it for sure.

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Allhiphop.com rated it 8 stars out of 10, btw I'm looking forward to getting this for my birthday next week, anyway check out the allhiphop link since they got audio of 2 tracks off the album, they're both hot:


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I finally picked the album last Saturday but have been pretty busy, so I'm finally gonna give a review on this album.

1. Pete's Intro -

Funny countdown intro to welcome everyone to the show.

2. We Roll ft. Jim Jones & Max B - 7.5/10

Pretty good track to kick off the album, but nothing great. The beat is pretty funky with the classic PR horns. But for

Jim Jones kind of annoys me haha.

3. Till I Retire - 8/10

One of the main singles off the album, cleverly playing off a Run DMC vocal. This track is nice, using an old school

type of beat. Pete's flow holds up, check the video on youtube.

4. 914 ft Styles P & Sheek Louch - 6.5/10

This track is honestly a little weak, from the beat to the rapping. Pete uses a commonly used break and horns,

making this a forgetable track.

5. Questions ft Ryoal Flush - 7/10

Pete Rock goes for his classic grimey track with this, and I think it turned out alright. Except for Flush repeatedly

cursing, this track holds up.

6. Best Believe ft. Redman & LD 8/10

One of my personal faves from this album. The intro to it is hilarious, the beat is dope and the emceeing are from

hip hop vets. Besides the chorus, this track is tight.

7. Ready Fe War ft. Chip Fu & Renee Neufville 7/10

This track is a little different than something you would expect from PR. It has a long intro, the actually track is

heavily reggae influenced. Probably was meant to diversify the project. Cool to see Chip Fu back though.

8. Best Believe - 7.5/10

I have a name for tracks like this, I call them a "NBA Live song", cause I could hear on a video game soundtrack. Pete spits it

pretty good on it, but the beat isn't that good.

9. Bring Yall Back ft Little Brother ft. 8/10

Another grimey, hard hitting track. Surprised to hear Little Brother over it. Dope track.

10. The Best Secrete ft. Lords of the Underground 8.5/10

Very dope track it, nice beat, great concept. Haven't heard from the Lords for a long time, but they stepped up on this.

11. Thats What I'm Talking About 8.5/10

Now thats what I'm talking about!! The best solo track from pete off this album. Pete bringin good music.

12. The PJ's ft. Raekwon & Masta Killa 8.5/10

Laid back street song, with some dope emcees. Nuff said.

13. Made Man 8/10

Another pete solo, serving up a funky good beat.

14. Lets Go ft. Doo Wop 6.5/10

Using a vocal clip recognizably ala Dilla, this is reggae hip hop track. Doesn't quite deliver. Might grow on me.

15. Comprehend ft. Papoose 9/10

Goes out with a banger. My personal fav. from the album, very smooth dope track. Lovin it.

Overall I'd give the album a 7.5/10 or an 8/10. Definitely worth picking up and supporting the living legend Chocolate Boy Wunda, even though it isn't his best release.

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I don't think PR + CL fixed their issues. The last article i read from PR he said he'd NEVER work with him again. And that PR+CL joint on CL's album wasn't a new song, i don't think. It is disappointing 2 not see CL on it but i'm sure they'll get it 2gether later. I gotta get this.

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