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don't call it a come back!!!


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"Like LL said, don't call it a come back. and face the fact jack, im all that."

Will Smith's music might not have been on the radio as much or on mtv everyday, but then again, Mtv barely plays music now, its all reality shows with them. This new album is going to go gold, garanteed. he had fans wait for so long, that now they are dying to hear the songs on it. i know i cant wait, i cant wait to be able to buy the cd, have it in my hand and say, "oh, hail yea." :switch: and then go up to a friend and say "i got the cd and you dont, i got the cd and you dont" :nana:

PS: when it does come out, do everyone a favor and buy the real thing. don't get a crappy burned version...
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Don't 4get that word of mouth can effect sales. Street teaming on the internet in a mature way works 2. The best way is just just blast the music when u are in populated areas. Then tape a pic of the album cover 2 your window with the phrase "I'm listening 2 this right now." :roll:
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I really don't understand it. I remember a few years ago, one day I was on a bus and these kids were like 2 years young than me makin fun of me cuz they had Em's album and I didn't. I didn't really care all that much about him or know bout him. And they said, "He's only allowed 2 listen 2 Will Smith". Just cuz Em said what he said about Will. There's nothing wrong wit Will or Em. People like what they like 4 a reason. If it sounds good and means a lil something 2 U. Then that'z ya style of music. We have so many music artists in the world. And they adapt 2 certain peoples tastes. No one goes looking 4 a music artist. They just come across 2 U and just maybe give U an interest in them. People don't have 2 listen 2 mainstream. It'z not the only thing out there. People can have access 2 underground. True underground just as easy if they know what they're looking 4. Change is a thing we have in this world. Everything can change. And some don't need 2 be forced. They just happen. Just enjoy the music U like. Others may see how much U enjoy it and have an interest in it as well. And that'z real.
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Well said.
but remember that most of the teens only listen to certain type of music because other people do.
and i bet that these 2 kids din't really new what to think and were only listening to Eminem because it's "cool". :bang: :bang: :bang:

You have to choose for yourself what kind of music you like.
And if your happy with it than nothing, but really nothing can harm you.

you can advise peolpe but you ca not force them.

Thats what i think.
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