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Top Rap Love Songs


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I'm looking for a good list of Top Rap Love Songs, now when I say love, i mean songs about being in love, not breaking up or missing a girl. I know theres a lot of LL songs, JJFP/WS have a handful, I love Fabulous's material like "Into You" and "Make Me Better". What about some others? AJ, Brakes, Kev..give me some guys lol. I know of a few off the top of my mind too but I can't remember many.

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Lots of Lovin - Pete Rock and Cl Smooth --This is probably my all time favorite hip hop love song.

The Light - Common

She Said (Jay Dilla Remix) - Pharcyde

Won't Do - J Dilla

Bonita Applebum - ATCQ

Find a Way - ATCQ

The Look of Love - Slum Village

Baby We Can Do It - Hi Tek

Royalty - Gang Starr

Its A Love Thing - Pete Rock ft. CL Smooth

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Won't Do - J Dilla

You do realize that song is about threesomes... :thumbsup:

I know... but the beat is amazing though and the chorus is catchy!! :gettinjiggywitit: :lolsign:

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