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I was posting today and I realized that this is my 1,000th post. I'm the 4th member to join this eXclusive club. haha.

Some shouts:

Tim: I just wanna say thanks for such a wonderful site. This is THE place I came too in 2001 and 02 when I wanted to learn Will Smith's background and Jazzy Jeff and was my resource for everything. All your hard work, time and money is well apriecated. Plus we talk alot on AIM and you've always answered my questions and stuff bout JJ+FP and you introduce me to new music. Thanks. :werd:

AJ: Wow man, you're like the go-to guy for information bout JJFP and rap music in general. If I got a question, you can answer it in a snap. lol. You've also introduced me to the great old-skool music. thanks bro. :dj:

Da Brakes/FuQ: You've made me a fan of your music. I'm tellin' ya if you guys really focus and get big, you could be the next saviors of this corrupted music we call rap. Go for it guys. You've definatly got the talent. I love listenin and readin your material. Good stuff. :rock:

W3/Prince/Wes: You guys are cool to talk to. Your both around my age so its pretty easy to talk to yous and plus you aren't sucked in and brainwashed by today's crap like most everyone is are age. You definatly know whats up. :thumb:

Big Ted: My fella jersey brotha! haha man your also pretty cool to talk to. Release some of your material online man! Hopefully JJFP comes to jersey again. That'd be kick ass. Nice talkin to ya :dancingcool:

3cookies/Jazzy Julie: Nice to have some girlies on the board! You both pretty cool and funny. haha. Julie your pics are nuts! well keep it real both of you and 3cookies post more! lol. :kekeke:

Sorry if I missed anyone, this board sure is a damn fun place to chill out too. Everyone here is pretty cool in different ways and we all come from different places in the world so it's like the board is a melting pot. haha. Those new members are stupid for not posting after signing up. Hopefully this board continues to grow. Way better than any Sony Will Smith board. The real deal is here for anything Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince. peace!
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[quote=Hero1,Aug 24 2004, 05:59 PM]damn and your 16 now man.. i remember when u were 14.. thanx 4 the shout out :switch:[/quote]
haha yeah when i was still 13 when born to reign dropped actually...thats when i barely knew anything about Will Smith.

Now I'm smart, educated, and I know what the hell good real rap music is...
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[quote=KevTastic,Aug 25 2004, 06:25 AM]Don't be dissing the rock music. Then again in this forum im not gonna win an argument on that topic :cya:[/quote]
you like the pixies kev? they are my fav rock group.. :rock:
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Thanks for the shout-out Jim, when I get the proper equipment I'll start recording and work on my own website, I'll keep y'all informed about that when it happens. I hope to join you in the 1000 Post Club the end of the year, when that happens, Tim and Prince'll be closing in on 3000! :roll:
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