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Is Hancock the next Will film? I really don't keep upto date with his films on a regular basis.

Tim, i assume this info came from a reliable source or you wouldn't report it. :gettinjiggywitit:

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the source is will..articles in the movie forum hah.. they will perform where the hancock premieres are..la/new york/london/japan/china /?? hancock is a big summer blockbuster so works well with jjfp performing

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Summertime is perfect. That's the time of year when i can actually put in some vacation time. Perfect time 2 do some real traveling. Even if i wouldn't get 2 go, it's just good knowing that they are performing and that music is still on FP's mind in a big way.

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Hancock's Smith Raps Again

Will Smith, who plays a down-and-out superhero in the upcoming Hancock, told reporters that he and former music partner, DJ "Jazzy" Jeff Townes, will reunite to perform next year in connection with the movie's premiere.

"We're going to go out big in July," Smith, who gained fame as the "Fresh Prince" with Townes, told reporters in a news conference in Beverly Hills, Calif., on Nov. 30. "We are figuring out some places around the world to do some big shows. It's about to be that circle back to the golden age of hip-hop. There is starting to be a little resurgence, so yeah, we are planning some things. ... It will probably go out with Hancock and do performances with premieres around the world."

In Hancock, which is directed by Peter Berg, Smith plays a superhero who romances the wife (Charlize Theron) of a public-relations specialist (Jason Bateman) he hires to rehabilitate his image. The film is produced by Smith; Michael Mann, who helmed Smith in Ali; and Akiva Goldsman, who wrote Smith's upcoming I Am Legend.

"It's the Michael Mann version of an alcoholic superhero," Smith said, adding: "Jason Bateman plays a publicist, and I save his life. He begins to rehabilitate me in the eyes of the public."

Source: http://www.scifi.com/scifiwire/index.php?id=45950

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