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Finaly it is here the Interview with WILL SMITH

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There may be a couple of spelling faults.

A couple of weeks ago will smith paid a visit to Amsterdam (holland)
to promote I,Robot.
But not just that! Will treated his fans with a mini-concert, "Hitkrant" (that's the name of the magazine) spoke with the succesfull Mega-star.

Interviewer: Yo,Will we saw your mother on the dutch tv.
you don't see that much hollywood-stars taking their
mother on a trip.

Will : O,realy what did she say on tv?
haha! Did you see my kids too ?
dje, this is funny.
It is pleasant with all of us.
I didn’t do much in Amsterdam.
We just walk’t a little and eated.
That’s it.
And i try to sleep a lot.
So i spend a lot time in the hotel room.

Interviewer : And your wife Jada left at home ?

Will : She left yesterday back to the United States.
She has to be at the Premiere of her new movie “Collateral” with Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx.
The movie will be here in the theater’s in a couple of days.
I think that i will see her in a week.

Interviewer : So , than you must speek a lot with her on the phone ?

Will : Ooh yes , we call al lot but we send eachother a lot of Sms to haha !

Interviewer : You are very succesfull with a science-fiction movie.
Did you always like this kind of movie ?

Will : Yes,Absolutely! Ik love those things where you can use youre imagination
I love science-fiction movies.
It was a spiritual experience for me to see a star wars movie when i was eight.
I think i was still to young to understandit all , but they took me too a whole other world.
In a world full of special effectsyou can make everything you wan’t and i liket that al lot.
The reason that i am flying around the hole world is to promote the I,Robot is that i am realy proud
on the result of the movie.

Interviewer : How did you prepare for the movie?

Will : Michael Mann (scenario writer ) once told me something that i keep in mind.
He thinks that movie-makers shut study the humen knowledge.
So prepare me up for the role , i sended the script to a couple of schrinks.
Afterwarts is was very usefull for me because they told how my character acts.
The character that i play , Del Spooner , survives as onlywone a terrible accident.
In psychology terms i got a surviving guilt.
1 of those symptom’s is thathe’s becoming paranoid.
Del closes all the locks , sleeps with a gun and has no shower-curtain.
In the movie he even doesn’t wash his hair because he’s scared that he get’s soap in his eyes and
can’t see no more.
For me as a comedian it was very hard not to make jokes in the movie.
I was dying!

I now had to play a character that sufferd a lot of pain and that in a summer block-buster, haha!

Interviewer : In the movie you afcourse don’t talk to a real robot.
Was it weird to talk to something that isn’t their ?

Will : Well actually this movie was actor friendlyer than Men in Black and Independence day.
There was a men who played the role of the robot.
He was painted green even his face and hands!
The feeling if youre performing for thousends of people is unable to beat in a movie.
The first few seconds of the song are moest amazing , cause a soon the audience recognizes the
beat , they go wild!
There is nothing better on entertaiment-area that can beat the feeling.

Interviewer : Do you also act on stage ?

Will : Not realy. In a tv-show you have live-audience and that’s a amazing experience.
I would like every night standing for 30,000 people.
I once did a show on a big stage at the beach of Miami.
There where massives of people , even in the sea.
Music does something with people that you can’t describe.

Interviewer : Music is your thing.
We can so this year we can expect a new cd ???

Will : My newest single switch is coming out in September .
Tonight is the first time that i sing switch in front of a live audience.
And my cd goes out somwhere in november .
Soh yes , you will hear much of me.
:rock: :rock: :rock: :bowdown: :roll: :thumb:
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[quote=TooFresh,Aug 23 2004, 10:15 AM]Fresh Prince is back!!! Switch in sept and album in nov..... like code red or willennium... so it will be a classic hip hop album! men the new cd will be the greatest event in hip hop this year!!! :thumb:[/quote]
werd up man!!!! Expect to see FP win another Grammy in February..haha!
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