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the one joke regarding benoit was down right wrong...

way too soon and i don't know if it will ever not be too soon when poking fun at a father who killed his kid...

I was surprised Kimmel wasn't censored on that one

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I thought the show waz hilarious. Totally tasteless but hilarious. I can't justify that. I knew what i waz getting in 2 when i planned on watching it so just laughed at most of the jokes for what they were. I definitely don't talk like that, but i still thought alot of it waz funny.

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It was tired humor. And yeah, my jaw dropped and said "That's just wrong" when the Benoit joke was said. Everything else, I sorta seen some of the jokes coming. Comedy Central seems to do it up with the roasts. Pam Anderson, Hugh Hefner, and William Shatner. btw, whatever happen to Will Smith's roast. Wasn't he suppose to get one at some Film Festival or something?

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