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Lauryn Hill to finally release new album?


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Lauryn Hill to finally release new album?

06/29/2007 2:00 PM, Yahoo! Music

courtesy of NME.com

Lauryn Hill is getting close to finally releasing a new album, according to reports.

Hill is set to release a new song, "Lose Myself," which is featured on the soundtrack of forthcoming animated film Surf's Up.

Representatives have said that the singer has gone back into the studio with the goal of making a new album.

The album is said to feature material from her vaults and the new material which will "probably" feature some collaborations.

Hill has not released any new studio material since 1998's The Miseductaion Of Lauryn Hill. She released the album MTV Unplugged No. 2.0 in 2002.

The Fugees reunited briefly initially in 2004, but despite a new album to be rumored, member Pras said this year that the reunion was "straight dead" and that Hill had "some issues she needs to deal with," reports MTV News.

Hill will also play a number of live dates across the world, including a sole U.K. date on July 7.

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Lauryn Hill waz rumored to drop a new album back in the summer of '03 or '04. There were pix of her that were supposed 2 be for a new video. I guess the info waz incorrect or she scrapped that album and video. I think Lauryn Hill is one of the best artists of all time, but her work ethic has become ?uestionable 2 me. Her voice has seemed a bit off with ever live performance i've seen since after her 2002 Unplugged performance. Her emcee skillz seemed in tact, but her singing voice seems 2 be kinda sloppy and un-trained.

I'm also kinda mad about the falling apart of The Fugees album. I remember Wyclef saying about a year ago that he waz about getting it done and out but that Pras and Lauryn seemed sidetracked and wanted to take their time with it. Get it 2gether people.

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Lauryn Hill has strange views. But her first album was quality. Its been 9 years though. Nothing warrants and artist to take that long after a debut solo album.

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I just thought i could post a funny pic of Lauryn.


sorry that's from MTO

Lol somebody their said she switched stylists with Andree 3000

I still like her, even her new look, cause i think if you're an intertainer, you can and sometimes should dress a little like a clown as long as you don't look ugly. Laury is beautiful, she can dress however she wants/

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Lauryn Hill explains her "disappearance" from music


“I didn’t just disappear.” “I disappeared because I had to get myself together, and “clean up my house”, said Lauryn Hill at a concert last week in Oakland. Hill, who had been absent from the music scene for over 8 years until just recently, attempted to explain to the audience why she faded away from the public eye.

“I couldn’t be apart of the popular fad, and the music industry likes to make caricatures of you,” she said of the industry, as she felt like she was pushed into a certain type of direction, and not being allowed to “be herself”.

“I felt them turning me into a comic, a caricature, almost crystallized.” “I can’t fit into a stereotypical identity that makes you comfortable”. “If an intelligent, spiritual woman threatens you, then maybe you need to let it go,” she said, confirming the reason for her separating herself from the business.

According to sources, Lauryn performed so badly that people were audibly demanding refunds while she went between her set, and dialogue to the crowd. Over 200 people were said to have walked out during her show, disgusted with the entire ordeal.

There is still no official release date for her upcoming album, untitled as of now.



Doesn't sound too good (pardon the pun!).

God Blessa!

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