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Will on FADE IN magazine


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I guess being a smart man he's probably not mad at columbia, b'cos thats just the way the darn music industry works.

Thanks for taking the time to type that up for us.
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:bowdown: Dope interview! That reminds me of me as an artist, my songs are very personal to me, I'm really hoping to hear a more mature Will Smith on the mic, at 36 he'll have a lot of stories to tell, as you get older you only learn more about relationships, so this could be his best album yet! :dj:
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thanks cyrano for the interview, funny enuff it wasn't posted on its website. i don't really have the words to desribe olumbia's treatment to will. it's the famous situation of stayin with u in good times and dumpin u in tough times. but this is goin to be a magnificent year for will. 2 no 1 box office hits (i, robot and sharkslayer) and a highly anticipated album. he's gonna make the front over of gq magazine this year again!
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