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November date for Jazzy & Will

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first off, don't shoot the messenger, lol, I'm just posting it in case there's some truth to it.

ok so maybe it's not the greatest source(it's probably the worst), but supposedly this is an interview excerpt from Jeff, I hate to get people's hope up, but just in case you guys haven't seen it.

November date for Jazzy & Will

IT'S the news we've all been waiting for.

After pleas from fans around the world, The Sun can confirm that DJ JAZZY JEFF and THE FRESH PRINCE will make a comeback in November.

Last year sources told Bizarre that Jazzy and best pal WILL SMITH were discussing a possible reunion.

But now, in his own words, Jazzy says the pair will dust off their bling to make a new album in November.

In an exclusive interview, he said: "We've been asked so many times by fans but now Will really wants to do it.

"We talk about it all the time but recently he came up to me and said he was very serious about it and wants to do something very soon.

"It's just a case of finding the time. We're both so busy. You know, I'm on tour and he's making movies this summer.

"He's the biggest superstar in the world now. We're aiming for November."

The twosome first hit the scene in 1985 with Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble and since then have gone on to sell over 10 million records worldwide with hits such as Boom! Shake The Room.

The dynamic duo have also won three Grammy Awards, three American Music Awards, two NAACP Awards, two Soul Train Music Awards, as well as an MTV Music Award.

While DJ Jazzy turned to a solo career and producing - his new album Jazzy The Return Of The Magnificent is out in shops now - Will has gone on to movie superstardom, picking up an Oscar nomination for recent hit The Pursuit Of Happyness.

But while Jazzy appreciates Will's amazing talent, he says he's not some keen on some of his flicks.

"I don't like his slushy films - and I tell him that," he quipped.

"I do prefer his bad movies. I knew from the beginning he'd grown into this massive star."

Jazzy added that Will returns the support by going to his gigs.

"Obviously he's very busy but if he has the time Will will come to a concert. He says he enjoys my stuff.

"I enjoy my music now more than I did ten years ago.

"My new album is turning out to be the best record I have ever done.

"I've hooked up with artists such as METHOD MAN (Wu Tang Clan), RHYMEFEST (Kanye West’s prodigy), BIG DADDY KANE, CL SMOOTH, RAHEEM DeVAUGHN, POS OF DE LA SOUL and JEAN GRAE."

But, being on the wrong side of 40 I wondered if his desire and commitment to the music industry is beginnning to wane?

"Not at all," he said.

"I don't think I'll ever tire of touring. I was recently in the UK and had a great time.

"There are so many different music lovers. I'm also hoping to do some festivals this summer too."

He added: "I love the hip hop scene. Dizzie Rascal is great. I also think Ti and Roots Manoeuvre are fantastic.

"If the United States wasn't as fickle as it is a lot of those acts would do well over there. It's a shame."

Jazzy’s new album The Return Of The Magnificent is out now.


hopefully it's not some crock, where they just pulled quotes from different articles and threw them together in an interview.

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lol your right about the sun being the worst source, i dont think anything we have got from them was true.

anyway, i love the part about the fans from all around the world wants them to do it, that is so us, everyone that sees jeff asks about JJFP lol. Good job guys, lets keep harassing him haha.

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Oh boy here we go again haha... i'm not getting my hopes up i'm just gonna wait and see.. like that will seriously wants to do it also like the part about the fans we all gotta keep buggin um till they do it!!

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Yep. Don't get you hopes up anynore than it was. It still is the same rumour just with more impact from Jeff. They honestly want to tour together and it looks like it will happen. It just needs to coincide with promo for I Am Legend. They did it with I.Robot so there is no reason why they can't do it this time round with abit more effort put into advertising the actual show and a few more dates squeezed in.

I obviosuly cos of my impending job will not be around for this so i may be slightly jelous of you all when i hear about all your great nights watching JJFP live :stars:

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maxfly, nice post :lolsign: :wiggle:

but a new album would be so so def. just imagine Will coming back with his fresh prince style and all those funny story telling tracks and battle rhymes. some dope oldskool and newskool Jazzy beats, a few oldskool collabos and thats it!

i really hope that this is gonna happen :pony:

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