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Da Brakes

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Hey guys!!

I've [b]finally[/b] finished building my website!! Its not much as I have [b]NO[/b] website building knowledge at all, but none the less its up!! The website is dedicated to me as an Actor/Rapper and hopefully serve as a powerful promotional tool for me!

All comments are [b]GREATLY[/b] appreiated as I want this to be a really great site! I know there are a few web designers amongst us! Hey I've even got a forum so feel free to register and start posting!! Be warned tho.....its [b]NO WAY[/b] as good as this one!! I give major props to the person who designed this one! Thanks everyone in advance!! Heres the link:


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Da Brakes, I've been listening to some of songs.
Man you's songs impressed me a lot.

You've got it, the only thing thats missing is a little bit of luck to get a record deal.

And remember us when youre with Will.

:urock: Edited by iceonly
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It took a lil' while for it to load for me but it was worth the wait! I could tell that Will's your inspiration 'cause you're doing a lot of big things acting and rapping, I look forward to seein' you on MTV one day and if you do a world tour and come to New Jersey I'll go see u! Peace!
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Guest Prince
Daedalus... You can view the images full size if you paste the direct links into the your nav bar.

Ok Brakes... My honest views... Starting with the main page... To some people it wouldn't be directly obvious how to access the site... You could say "click dah de dah to access the site" or something along those lines.

On all the pages, apart from the one mentioned above, you need some page titles in there, instead of "Insert a banner."

On the Music Page, it could be cool if instead of having to visit another side, you simply uploaded some songs and linked them. It would be easier. I don't know how much webspace you have, but if you're worried you might be short then fear not my friend, I'll tell you later on in this post...

Nothing I can see wrong with the Television page, apart from perhaps putting the text to "justify" so that it's neater across the page.

Now photos... Ok... Firstly the way they are laid out is ok, the first two rows are in line on my screen, but 3 and 4 are very slightly out of line. Second problem being the amount of time to load the page... With the internet, it's all about compressing files. Firstly, you shouldn't put up some 1600x1200 images and squeeze them into a tiny space. Open photoshop, and change the image size to 133x99px (what they are at the moment). The maximum file size these small thumbnails should be each is about 6 to 8 K (not 600K!). Now the next point once you have small thumbnails... Have them clickable which will lead to larger versions. The larger versions being 600by480px in size is perfectly adequate, but remember not to have the file size too much over 100K. Doing this will both improve the "Da Brakes" experience for users, and also free up some webspace for your music. Oh and as Daedalus said, the links on that page doesn't work. The horizontal pictures could be rotated so that people won't have to move their heads like that. If you want, I can do all that for you if I've confused you. Also odd on that page is that in the margin, "Links" appears, which doesn't appear on other pages.

Biography is ok, but again text "justify" could be used to align it nicely along the sides of the page.

Can't see much else, apart from maybe putting in a text margin to keep things away from the navigation bar a little bit, and then be that little bit more readable.

Otherwise, nicely done Brakes! I hope I'm not sounding overly picky here haha.
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