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hip-hop classic for free..


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this is the album i'm always going on about.. hieroglyphics - third eye vision.. it may be my fav album of all time.. everyone check it out..you can download it here.. if you like it make sure you buy the album.. because hiero relies on that to surive as a label.. this is hip hop at its purest form.. dope beats dope rhymes.. no fake gangsta stuff or rapping abt cars n clothes.. str8 up hip hop!


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This album came out in 1998.. It was interesting souls of mischief and casual got dropped from Jive and Del just got dropped from Elektra.. they used the money they got from selling tapes on the internet to put the album out themselves..back then independent hip-hop wasnt a big thing.. when it came out the source and vibe etc gave it bad reviews like 2 and a half stars..ridiculous.. it went on to sell 200, 000 independently.. hieroglyphics are all seperate groups and this was the first album where they all came together.

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ahhhh. TIMBOAT... CRAZY Thing 2 day...i was rollin down the 134 Freway towards Pasadena Cali 2day, going around a mountain bend, and I had my sunroof open, ...stuck my arm out and said... "Shoutin Out to my brotha TIMBOAT in Australia! whooooo:::" hahahaha... :3-laugh3: I dont know if i have been in deep thought all day today,.. or just reconnecting to some good ppl in my life that keep me inspired in some form... but i was remembering how u hooked me up with Hieroglyphics the first tyme, when i was feeling down many years ago.... and u and I used to watch videos online 2gether for at least 2 - 3 hours!!!!!!!! hahahah... Same 'sync' tyme and erythang!!! haha.. B4 Goapele was getting big, and she was onstage with them...

yea... u DA mane bruh !!!!! ... :stickpoke: wickedwisdom:



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