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daedalus the catalyst of discontent
all that matters is this
you're energy is falsely spent
you obviously suffering sum malnourishment
of the mind saddling up with judgement
sounds like you need some anger management
feeding off others like freddy with fears
grows your self esteem but bores me to tears
to argue for arguements sake
endless cycle of meaningless points is hard to take
points of view are skewed by life experiences
why do you always have to take everything so serious?
just chill man not everyone must bow to your vast amount of knowledge
the way you talk you'd think you'd been through 5 degrees in college
so this little freestyle is to put you in check
listening to others opinions will gain you a lot more respect

:kekeke: :kekeke:
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Nice verse! :thumb: Hey Daedulus how are you gonna respond to that?
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Aight, Hero1 lets spell that shall we: heroone//
Really? or does it stand for the heroine your on?//
Probably, couse to me you seem delerious//
Go read aaaal my posts again, wich did I take serious?//
Well ofcourse the thing its that//
Its hard to get your feelings across on the internet//
But for reall, when I posted I didnt get mad//
So the money for anger manegment would be missspent//
And I will tell you my opinion, big or small on any topic//
but dont take that personal its just the way I talk, kid//
And I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings//
I never ment to do that, I just tell you what the deal is//
What what I think and what I feel is//
dude I guess im just a realist//
And if you just can't handle that//
Battle me again, Ill battle back//
Becouse I like battlin you just as much my bud//
As I like Arguing for the sake of argument, and thats alot//

ps. CANT WE ALL JUST GET ALLONG?:( Edited by Daedalus Mortality
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