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Will Smith 'trashes his hotel room with peaches'

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Will Smith was reportedly forced to pay out thousands of pounds after trashing his swanky London hotel room with peaches.

Sources claim the Hollywood actor and his pals made the mess while staying in the plush presidential suite of the Lanesborough Hotel when he was in town to promote new movie 'I, Robot'.

An insider revealed: "Will feels comfortable at the Lanesborough.

This time around he was really letting his hair down.
Apparently, one night ended up with peaches being thrown around the room. I believe that the cleaning bill ran to several thousands of pounds when he left."

A hotel spokesman added: "No damage was caused to the suite."

When asked about the peach fight, he said: "I really can't comment on that."
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It would be fun if he did it in his own house and then cleaned it up himself or even if he does it in the hotel and then cleans it up himself.

And Duh ofcourse the hotel owner didn't say any damage was done and say he couldn't comment he wants people to come to hsi hotel, thats his job.
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Yeah its like ozzy osbourne used to completely trash hotel rooms and cause a lot of damage all the time, you cant condemn Will for throwing a couple of peaches around. You know what its like when your having fun with your friends, things get out of hand and you do a few stupid things, but its all in the name of fun. If Will paid for it all, i think its fine and very funny.
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