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So I headed over to lorettaville to check things out.. theres all these posts saying Will has died.. how can the moderators over there let that crap on the board? :eusa_snooty: remind me to never go back :paperbag:

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Well i think even we'd do that, you'd go back sometime :4-only1ha: yeah its boring over there too, well theres nothin new to talk about Will i guess

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That kind of mess really makes me madd because its how rumours get started, and if some of the 'real fans' and supporters read that, its really disturbing if we dont know if its true or not...

Those mods really make me so sick for not keeping the board clean like we used to do. ugh.



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i went to work and came back and its so much worse, they are going on about black people with aids, Jews causing 9/11 and posted a porno pic. i left a message saying how bad it is that the mods havnt got anything sorted yet, something like that would never happen here, that person would have been banned within minutes.

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