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New Album?


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From the site:

New Will Smith Album

Will has finished filming Pursuit of Happyness and doesn't begin his next movie till June/July. At the moment he is working on a compilation album featuring a lot of different RnB, Reggae & Hip-Hop Artists. He has enlisted ?uestlove from The Roots and producer James Poyser to work on the album. James Poyser played keys on the Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince track "I Wanna Rock" and has produced tracks for Common, Erykah Badu, Eric Benet, The Roots and Musiq.

Any new updates on whats going on with this album?

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Yeah, there waz no official news of the album. He gave me the scoop that the album waz in the works and that he waz helping out with it. But a few months later i brought it up and he said that the project fell thru.'

When u look at the vibe of Lost + Found and how he waz working with artists like Mary J. Blige, Robin Thicke, Snoop Dogg, Ludacris...all who are having great years, u know the project would have probably been eclectic and a sucess.

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All we know is, Will did a red carpet interview and some1 asked if he had a new album and Will said "that may all be in the past", and in another interview he said he was gonna pass the torch onto his nephew k smith. Since then hes said in an interview he wants to do some tour dates in the UK, hes done loads of mini freestyle type things around the world promoting poh and there is a rumour he may be producing tatyana ali's new album, that last one is just a rumour tho, probably not true.

So basically we dont know.

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