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timbaland a copy cat?


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I didn't actually see the part that talked about Timbaland. What did it say?? Timbaland has always been one of the most creative people in Hip-Hop...it's hard 2 imagin him coping ANYTHING.

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Well it's basically showing how Timbaland jacked the beat for a Nelly Futardo track from some unknown European producer...Sections from both tracks are played, and then mixed (not Jazzy Jeff mixed but just placed as layers on top of each other) and it is seen that they fit unbelievably well.

Pretty convincing if u ask me....

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Ahh...i see. Well, i don't see him jackin' someone else's beat, but who knows. I remember when a producer gave Mariah Carey a track that waz almost like one he gave to Xscape a few years before. U could tell the producer just recycled the track so that people who were fans of both of them wouldn't really notice unless u played the songs back 2 back or at the same time.

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Just sounds like a case of sample clearance to me...

Timbo sampled that, and the guy who made the original claims he wasn't contacted about it.

No, that is BOTH a sound rights issue AND a copyright issue. Simply put, Timbaland out and out stole that song. That may be the most blatant case I have ever seen. Dude should have no problem getting a lawyer to handle it, and Timbaland is in trouble if it ever goes to court. If he has any sense he is settling... NOW! :shakehead:

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