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2 DaAce vs 7 Lerkot


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Use any beat to your liking

1 minute Time Limit for your verse

You each have 3 Days MAX to complete and link your audio.

Coin Toss determines that Lerkot the lower seed (the larger number) goes first for this matchup.

Lerkot (submit your verse by February 1st)

Good luck to both Contestants


2nd JJFP Audio Battle Tournament Bracket

1 Da Brakes

6 Luigie


3 SilverTiger (awaits the winner of Da Brakes/Luigie matchup)



2 Da Ace

7 Lerkot


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My mom said Simon you need a hammock before you die

And I havent got one yet so I guess its not my time

Instead, Da Ace will be strangeled in his golden hammock

He had his turn, reached his goals, now leave the block!

Its time for some action, im gonna get satisfaction,

Like you was a kid and I was Michael Jackson

And you can live at Neverland, but I'll never land

Im in the sky, im filled with power, I smell like flower

But you boy, you gotta take a shower

What are you here for? Promoting your stuff?

Your stuff is wack! Those who say else are just a bluff

You better get out of here quickly,

or I'll rip your head of like I was worse than jack the ripper

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a flow from DaAce you slowly await

they gave you a bye(bi) assuming they dont know if your straight

im holding the stakes he's probly holding his snake

at home watching boy george on a tape with rainbows and parades

... probly dreaming of artificial insemination

by twenty asians with penetration by renegade tim

a slim invasion is indication he's been awaiting

many men of his cadence to jump on into him naked

... you seem concieted

your "michael jackson" well its "human nature" to go into "billy's jeans" to "beat it"

my stuff is so wack well thats nice to think

but the only w you'l get is from a hyperlink

cause dude, this is a battle not scrimmage or even warm up

i'll skin em with venom and send em to his people all torn up

ill finish this menace in minutes, diminish his image

like senates ascending to limits with plenty incentives

your only a minor so take some notes in ya binder

that my work gets done like open vaginas

your my flowing assignment, and since your bi

you should stop rap apply and try to become a clothing designer

im the smartest caliber you retarded challenger

ima scar this amateur with a sharp excalibur

so ill harm and damage ya... i know he's bi

cause he takes it "rough like sandpaper and hard like algebra"


NEXT! :sipread:

Edited by DaAce
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