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Well im glad i didn't buy it then, cos its worse that the remixes that were released around 98 time in the dance style.

It also once again wants me to find an Acapella of Summertime though.

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Exactly. I love that the acappella isn't available. Remixes are cool...infact i love them. But some some songs simply shouldn't be touched. "Summertime" is one of those songs. I think the few remixes that do exist are rare occasions where they turned out great. DJ Jazzy Jeff's Remix waz just as big as the album version back in the day. And then on the single, all off the remixes were essentially the album version but with an instrument, a sample, a vocal, and/or a sound added or taken out....not a full-on remix. The remix done 4 Old School Vs. New School waz different and really good...and the SoulPower ones for Greatest Hits were really good 2. But i wouldn't even want some amature remixers or blenders messing up the classic.

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I could only see that as taboo. I mean, listen 2 some of the remixes people have done over the years. Some of them are awful...the beats don't even match the vocals half the time. This masterpiece is lucky enough to be pretty untouched. I can't even say i'd want Jermaine Durpi, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Rodney Jerkins, or Timbaland 2 be allowed 2 touch it...and they are amoungst my favorite producers.

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