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Will`s retirement



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  1. 1. Is Will`s retirement gonna make some noise in the hip hop community?

    • Yes
    • No
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I will not respect somebody who who doesn't show respect 2 anyone or anything. And i will not "open my horizons" to a way of thinking that is purposly sucking the joy outta my life. Why would i purposly ignore all the things i've learned in life 2 live in a small-minded world where i stay in a negative mindstate instead of bringing others up, opening their eyes up 2 the good things they've got going on. That's ignorance 2 me.

2 some of us, this post is done. There's 5 posts about FP considering hanging up the mic...i'm thinkin' there should soon be 1.

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Will dont care about sales,

But labels do.... anyway I don't think he will retire without a final album..he knows the rules of the game and I believe all theese rumors will improve the attention on Will's state into the game... and then he will drop a new album, probably his last one.

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