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  1. Ha ha! What about this! Don't ask questions! I don't even wanna ask brakes lol!
  2. Man it won't download for me! Is there anyway you can send it to me?
  3. It's like the song "Could You Love Me" says... "Just a cd, nah man a peice of me." In response to what was said earlier about buying his stuff and it not being a product but a part of you.
  4. Thanks guys, i'm in the process of recording that song so it'm looking forward to posting the audio on here
  5. That was awesom brakes, keep it up man!
  6. Yeah Brakes i am in the process of doing that within the next few weeks with this song i put on here
  7. I call this one I wish... I Wish by: FreshPrinceFan (Spoken) This is a true story, about a girl who never will get the chances we will, I dedicate this to her... Step through the doorway, walk down the aisle Got words to say, hoped they'd make you smile Wasn't prepared for what I would see You in a coffin, layin' peacefully Watched as they loaded you into a hurse Listened to the preacher, as he spoke the verse Followed the car, down the windey road The snow, like your body, was oh so cold As I stand here now looking over your grave I wish somehow, your soul i could save Wanna talk to you, see you, be with you, one more time But since i can't, I wrote this rhyme To express my feelings, say how i feel Wish that that night, i controlled the steering wheel Maybe if i did, could've missed that deer Maybe, just maybe, you'd still be here Hope tonight, by God you stand Then i'll see you again in the Holy Land (Chorus) I wish this feeling, would go away I wish you still stood here today I wish that you could truly see What your presence did for me I wish you could come back someday I wish you never would've gone away Nobody knows, but some may relate The actions I show, are caused by hate Those first nights, I was an absolute wreck God held tight, kept my emotions in check It's by his Grace, i'm still alive From that day, I promised to strive To spread his word, help those in pain Those whose feelings, are the same As mine were, however, i still miss you badly Look at your picture and i cry sadly, get mad b Why'd this have to happen to me I still wish, your beautiful face i could see Those of you, who have felt similar pain Please do not try to do the same As I did, you'll fall, you'll crumble You'll have to crawl cause you done stumbled Come humble, to the Lord Jesus' feet Stay awhile, sit down, c'mon, take seat Listen the first time, don't make me repeat Though I will if i need to, just to see who Will get saved, the way's been paved By me twice now, I told you how to get there You can't ask how I done told you, so i'm done now I'ma let the chorus hold it down, now (Repeat chorus 2x) I wish this feeling, would go away I wish you still stood here today I wish that you could truly see What your presence did for me I wish you could come back someday I wish you never would've gone away
  8. I've never been good at that stupid thing lol It's confusin' i always get one side but i can never get the others
  9. He deserves many more fans thatn just me, but he definatley inspired me to continue on wit my rhymin' and see how far i can get
  10. What's that supposed to be? A poem, or a rap or what?
  11. Yeah i agree. By now they should have all that done.
  12. he's always doing shows in the US..where you from? In Northern Kentucky
  13. Anyone know the link where Will freestyles on a Japanese talk show while promoting Pursuit of Happiness? I think it's on youtube.
  14. Yeah, i can't say it suprises me though. They have so many things on there they were bound to get bit by something.
  15. That was awesome man. Keep up the good work!
  16. Does anyone know if he's gonna do anything over here in USA?
  17. I hope he continues to perform. It would be great if he came out with another album, i know we would all love that. But at least he still wants to perform which means the love is still there, and it could eventually turn into another album, which would be great.
  18. You gonna be big man, i hope i can make it as well
  19. Hey brakes just wanna say i'm a big fan of yours. Check out my profile and leave me a comment. I wanna be in the music industry as well i'd liked to rap but i could do other things as well.I've written a few rhymes and posted them on willsmith.com. I was wondering if you would check them out and tell me what you think about them and how far you think i could get with rappin'. I would appreciate it man, my name on that site is freshprincefan17 and i would appreciate it if would give some feedback on my rhymes and how far i can get in the industry thanks man. Peace! p.s. i love your beatbox rhyme it's awesome
  20. Or... "If I was Fred Flinstone, i'd probably own all of Bedrock If i was a criminal i'd probably own a cell block If i was in the navy i would own the sea But i'm a poet so i own the whole rap industry"
  21. I'm a member on the site, and it's pretty cool so far, they took some stuff off and of course redesigned the whole site. And i ain't one of the people who are only there because they think he's hot, i'm a true fan of The Fresh Prince!!!!
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