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I can understand what you mean. I havent really heard too much earlt LL, but he's an artist i've always thought about getting albums for, just never did.

What would you say his best work was?
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i dont think they sound very alike but i have found many scary similarities between them

1. both second names are Smith
2. both starred in thier own sitcoms (with alfonso)
3. both do movies
4. both have written a childrens book
5. both dont cuss in songs.
6. have been going for around the same time
7. both have done soundtrack songs
8. lost their record contracts around the same time

Im sure there are more but i just cant think now, but i think its freaky.
and if any of my facts are wrong plz correct me or feel free to add more.

**Twilight zone music plays**
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[quote=ex0ddus,Aug 12 2004, 01:02 AM]ll DID cuss in songs before his " 10" album but he siad hes going to cuss anymore

Which has been his most recent album so at the moment he DOES! I'm sure his next album isn'tgoing to be totally cuss free!!
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I think FP and LL have always been the perfect combination 4 a collabo...but it's NEVER happened. They have tons of similarities and tons differences. I think the fact that they have been making music so long, have conqoured film and TV, AND are both great people in general are the main factors which lead 2 other similarities.

LL actually desided 2 make 10 a lyrically clean album becuz they had that Hip-Hop Summit meeting in 2001 (which Will also attended) and they talked about lyrical content, subject matter, how emcees/rappers approach songs, and so on. LL said he walked away from that saying he waz gonna proove he could do his part and stick 2 it. It waz also his milestone album and wanted it 2 be a respectable project. LL has always gone back and forth between lyrically clean album and explict stuff. His 1st 3 were almost totally clean with only a few words tossed out. Mama Said Knock You Out waz totally clean and so waz it's follow up 14 Shots To The Dome. Mr. Smith waz kinda eplicit as waz Phenomenon. G.O.A.T. waz probably his most explict. After his artistic Phenomenon waz hot 4 a moment then faded...he desided 2 regroup and keep it street...giving some fans what they were missing. I think 10 is a masterpeice and not just becuz i love Hip-Hop that dosen't rely on cussing. I got the impression that his new project will be similar 2 10. 10 isn't even 2 years old and he didn't do any serious re-grouping. He's had a good 2 years with the success of 10, Deliver Us From Eva, S.W.A.T., and so on. I think he's still in the mindstate of keeping things respectable and true 2 himself. We only have a lil over 2 weeks 2 find out.
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