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  1. Jazzy Julie,actually this isn't completely false news,I mean people didn't made this because man named Jaden Smith has died on snowboarding accident in Switzerland,so people thought that this is Jaden (Will Smith son)Smith.
  2. http://www.blackcelebkids.com/2011/03/21/willow-whips-her-braids/
  3. 1)I don't like this hair style on Willow at all 2)Jaden is cutie :-).He started to look like Trey 3)What is happening with Jada's face recently?!She looks 10 years older than she really is!
  4. Great that he's finally doing something! Ale,is this pictures really taken yesterday?When did he leave England? P.S.Did anyone noticed that Jada's brother is always,I mean always with him?Dude is literally his shadow,lol!What a great job he have:-)!
  5. http://www.metrolyrics.com/2011-will-smith-snubs-economy-seats-on-aer-lingus-flight-news.html
  6. Ok,I'm maybe wrong,but is Willow trying to hide from the paparazzi with that scarf?!Really?!Well,I'm guessing that she is(or think that she is)superstar...or maybe it was just cold outside,lol. Btw,I don't get(and don't like) that Smith obsession with remake and sequels!
  7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yullxF9CfyY http://www.youtube.com/watch/v=qTasXE7o_RO Btw,Willow won NAACP Image Award,Jaden didn't.
  8. Haha,Visqo I posted the same thing week ago,I thought the same thing!Honestly,I think that we are not going to see anything real great from Will never again !He (and Jada)is just obsessed with idea to make their kids huge stars as soon as possible(and I don't understand why!).There's Willow album and all stuff that goes with it,remake of Annie,Jaden's new movie,and KSmith wrote on his twitter that Jaden is going to release album too,they work on it...so...nothing from the only Smith member I really want to see :mmph:
  9. They were just talking about Willow and her new song in "Chelsea lately"...lol. They make fun of course,this is that type of show. Comedian guest said something like "her song is like Keisha rapped Bieber" and that she's going to be overexpossed by the age of 12 and "her voice is great and by great I mean autotuned"etc. It was funny (and true:-)),nothing so bad.
  10. Thanks Ale! Definitely don't like the song and this performance is nothing special at my opinion,her voice didn't sound good,but it's going to be hit anyway so who cares :laugh: Btw,did anybody watch Oprah,what did she say (because in my country it not will be aired any time soon :laugh: )?
  11. I know that this song is next "big thing" for Willow,it would be a hit,but I don't like it at all (less than "Whip my hair").This is gonna to sound stupid,but at my opinion she has too much self-confidence (that is ussually a good thing,I know),at least word of this song is too much for 10yrs. I wish her all the best,of course,but I'm not so sure that she's gonna be superstar once when she get older.To be honest,if Will Smith is not her dad,I'm quite sure that she wouldn't make so much buzz.She is talented but I really can't compared her with MJ:-).Good luck to her anyway!
  12. Lol,I can't imagine that she is really so tiny :-). Btw,I think that Willow is going today in Europe for a month,I really hope that Will wouldn't be there the whole time because in that case his movie or whatever he's doing would still waitt...who knows for how long! Ale,thank you for everything that you posted here all the time!!!I recently joined (because my English is bad... obviously lol),but I read this forum for a long time.
  13. http://necolebitchie.com/2011/02/25/willow-smith-to-perform-on-oprah/ P.S.Is Willow tall for her age or Jada is SO SHORT?!
  14. http://www.oprah.com/showinfo/Willow-Smith-and-Oprahs-All-Time-Smartest-Most-Talented-Kids/
  15. http://ryanseacrest.com/2011/02/24/willow-smith-to-world-premiere-new-single-%e2%80%9821st-century-girl%e2%80%99-with-ryan-seacrest/
  16. I would love to see this-Clint,Beyonce,Will...amazing!It would be something completely new for Will,he need that more then this number 2,3,4 movies,lol.But honestly I doubt it will going to happen,I think he's not the right choice for this kind of movie role.
  17. I just know for sure that Willow will be and performing,I don't know does anybody else will be (but probably they are). Check it,maybe you found out something more:-).
  18. Willow will be in Oprah show today...again (I mean they filmed it today).
  19. More pics http://bit.ly/ik7R9e P.S.Gaga is waaaay too much for me,I hope Willow wouldn't take her as a role model:-). Visqo,I think that Willow is holding some kind of lantern,lol.
  20. Will look really nice this time,very classy!Jada and Willow..well...big shoes:-). Jaden hits the puberty,his voice is much deeper now:-).I think he is amazing dancer,good actor but I must admit that I'm not impressed with his rap skills at all...but that's just my opinion.
  21. www.blackcelebkids.com/2011/02/13/the-smith-family-the-53rd-grammy-awards/ P.S.Does anyone know why Trey is never whit them anymore?I know he's 18,but this is Grammy's and his brother is performing.Will used to take him always whit them and talk about him,now seems like he's disappeared.I'm just curious because I would like to see them together from time to time:-).I always liked Trey still from "Just the two of us"!
  22. Lol,this is probably one of the worst Will's outfit I have ever seen:-).Considering how much money they have,they really should hired better stylist. www.blackcelebkids.com/2011/02/13/jaden-and-justin-pre-grammy-rehearsal
  23. Hahaha,I thought the same thing!What does that mean anyway:-)?He spending to much time with kids,nothing against JB,but I think that Will should admire Tom Hanks,Denzel Washington or somebody like that,lol!
  24. Does this mean that whole Smith family will be in Europe whole march,maybe longer?Will really should give those kids break and do something GOOD for his own career (while he is still young lol).I know he's filming MIB3,but he still could do soooo many great things,and instead of that he travel with Jaden and Willow,who honestly had so much time to do whatever they want!Common Willard Jr.,we are waiting for some amazing music from you,not your kids:-).
  25. Sorry,but I really couldn't understand why Will is so good with Chris Brown.He was very supportive when all that "Rhianna" thing is going on.I can't forget that and I honestly believe that Chris isn't the one who need support! And it is a little strange that Jaden's best friend is JB.Seems like he and Willow are always surrounding with people (or kids) older then they are. P.S.Yes,both Sheree and Trey looks great on those pictures! P.P.S.The Smith family (minus Jada:-))looked very nice at premiere.I think this is the first time that I liked Willow's outfit,lol!
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