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  1. I don't like it at all.Not the song,it's ok,not good not bad,but I honestly couldn't understand what are they trying to do with Willow and Jaden.Movies,music,fashion,bold and pink hair on 11 year old,words like this from 13 year old...what's the rush?Don't get me wrong,I'm very liberal but this is to much for me.But who cares for my opinion .
  2. She is daughter of their long time friends,that's why she called him "Uncle Will".
  3. LOL,not the best picture for any of them :-).Thanks gosia.
  4. Have you seen some pictures of him?I would really like to see it,can't remember when I saw Trey last time. @JazzyJulie LOL,I don't know this song either but that's the title.
  5. Why are you so against Sheree doing this show?Let's wait and see it first.She seems like very dignified person,if she wants to be in the spotlight she could do it long time ago(don't forget that Will said that they will probably still be married if it was up to him).I don't know her reasons,it's probably to promote Whoop ash and her new clothing line,but I'm absolutely sure that she wouldn't say anything against Will and she probably talks with him and Jada before she decided to do this. Also,what's wrong with the fact that she had another man.Jada was engaged twice(with Grant Hill and some other dude),Caleeb married woman with two kids from two different mans,all their parents(Will's,Jada's,Sheree's)are divorced and remarried...etc.Don't get me wrong,I can't stand reality shows and I don't get why she's doing this now after almost 20 years but I'm going to wait and see it first . P.S.Sorry for my English:-).
  6. Thanks Ale .It's great that you posted all this articles,but I don't understand a word!I still have problem with English,and now this .
  7. Visqo,can you please tell me what did he said?
  8. @gosia thank you,but this is not Trey's facebook,it's fake,he delete his account while ago and now he has only official one and twitter.Sheree said it couple times. I'm not assuming anything,I know that he's almost never with them because his mom,stepdad,girlfriend...mentioning him very often in their tweets or on facebook.But it doesn't matter anyway,as I said,people on other forums constantly talking about that how nobody sees him anymore with them,and I must admit that it's really interesting,so I just wondering :-).It's not matter,nobody here doesn't now them anyway,so we can just assuming but it's really strange to me.
  9. @MissAshley thank you for answer :-).Btw,I'm not assuming that Trey isn't there,I know.His mom and girlfriend put things on twitter and facebook very often,and he's constantly in LA with them,for example for Christmas they all were in Utah except him.And if he was on that basketball game he will set next to them.They were recently in Miami and Hawaii for couple days without him,now they in Costarica and he's in LA ...etc.It's not just my opinion,on other forums people constantly ask about that.I know that Will's family is from Philly but Jada's family from Baltimore but they are always with them when they are on some shooting or something like that.I know it's not my thing but as I said I'm really curious.Anyway,thanks again for answering :-).
  10. Ok,don't get me wrong I'm not going to say nothing about Will&Jada's relationships or the way they raising their kids,it's not my problem,but I'm really curious.Does anybody here know why are they always with Jada's mother,brother,stepdad,aunt,cousins...and there's nobody from Will's family?And more important what's happening with Trey?I know he's adult know but he's literally never with them anymore-not on Christmas,winter break,when they are in Philly,when they are in Europe for months,or now when they shooting movie for months...I mean he's in LA,not study,it's really weird that his not with them even for two days when they were in Will's hometown for basketball game.As I said,don't get me wrong,I'm just curious...as always LOL.
  11. Thanks Ale,I don't know why I can't see picture that @gosia posted. Jaden's new haircut is interesting,he looks older and much more like Trey. Don't get me wrong but to me Jada looks more and more like man these days...
  12. @gosia,I can't see picture that you posted.Can you please post it again or tell me what's on it :-)?Btw,maybe I'm wrong but I honestly doubt that this is true.Sheree has enough money and dignity,she never said absolutely anything about Will and their marriage all these years why would she do it know after so many years?Also,she has a husband,pretty successful company and if it's about money I'm sure that Will would give it to her.Maybe they gonna do something but I'm sure it would't be negative for Will in any way.
  13. It's not important were Will and Jada there,but she's eleven,as a parent they should know where is she and with whom.Why is she on that stage in Las Vegas,why she taken this picture,who took the picture?!But I think that they completely approve all this crazy things.It's their kids,their problem but they all are little "out of track"this days.Will really,really should let Jaden and Willow enjoy in their childhood,and then,for couple years,they can do everything.Why they rush things so much, I mean they not that old .
  14. globalgrind.com/entertainment/willow-smith-las-vegas-stripper-pole-photo
  15. This is recently,month or two ago,when they were in Miami at Trey Songz party.And this is Caleeb next to Will,not Jada LOL
  16. Visqo,Trey is 19,believe it or not :-)!He was born in 1992.I can't believe that Will has such a big kid!
  17. http://www.blackcelebkids.com/2011/11/10/willow-smith-performs-fireball-live/ Song is beyond stupid at my opinion...or I'm just too old for this!
  18. http://www.whosay.com/treysmith/photos/86500?code=OmQVEE
  19. http://www.blackcelebkids.com/2011/10/31/happy-willoween/
  20. As I said couple times,I'm not from USA so can somebody tell me what kind of newspaper is this- tabloids or they have some credibilites?Also,WTF is with this rumors about Will and Trey Songz?!It's all over twitter for weeks!
  21. Hahahahaha...honestly she looked on this picture like somebody's forced her to be there.
  22. http://www.blackcelebkids.com/2011/09/15/willow-smith-whips-her-hair-for-target/
  23. Why are you keep saying that?I'm not saying that he's gay(and I don't care honestly) but how can you be so sure?I mean nobody knows what's behind someones door right:-)? Btw,what's with this silly rumors about Will and Trey Songz.In my country it's all over the internet,twitter etc.
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