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  1. http://www.blackcelebkids.com/2011/09/07/jada-pinkett-smith-thank-goodness-i-dont-have-to-raise-my-children-alone/
  2. It's not just in Poland.I heard it in my country also and it's all over the internet.People claim that they saw them together but of course I don't believe in this kind of story until it's confirmed.But I'm wondering why people keep telling for years that Will is bisexual.I know that there's always a gossip around celebrities but I never heard that kind of rumors for other actors only for him and Tom.It's really irritating!
  3. I'm not surprised at all.That show is terrible.
  4. I suppose that nobody here doesn't care for Willow's album.I personally don't like the fact that his kids are start with their careers so early.Maybe I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that this is major reason why Will is put his career at rest for so long.First Karate Kid(shooting in China for months,promotions for months...),Jaden's song,Willow's song,music videos,promotions,now album...I think that only reason why Will is doing this stupid movie is because he want to play with Jaden.I just don't get what's the rush,they are so young.As I said maybe I'm wrong but I had to blame somebody... .
  5. twitter.com/ksmith215 THESE RECORDS I GOT ON BIG WILLIE ARE ****ING INCREDIBLE!!! ITS TIGHT ON NIGGAS LMFAO!!!WE GOT **** MOVIN RIGHT ABOUT NOW!!!!! Can somebody please translated this to me,please:-)?Seriously I don't get what he's saying-is he doing something for Will or Will for him or...?
  6. Trey never had a twitter,and he's very low-key (or however you spell it:-)),even if he had he would never tweet about his family. But you know what's funny?His account has been suspended ,but that fake dude is very persistent,he's back and now he's @thetreyofficial !Some people really have to much free time I guess!
  7. Yes,Kyle is recording.He said earlier that Will helped him to get a contract and pick a song for him.That's why he's been with him in Miami and Philly. Oh ,and he also said that he's going to work on Will's new music (but I hope that he wouldn't ).
  8. Ok,I'm going to stop immediately!How I dare to think something bad about royality,please forgive me that I'm not some teen fan obsessed with their idol!Now I stop honestly ...until the next time.
  9. That's right,if this is near by the truth they are going to sue the magazine and have huuuuuge money!So we will see in next couple days. Jazzy Julie,we clearly don't understand what the other trying to say so never mind :-).Btw,I never say that there's no pictures of them smiling you should read my post more carefully.
  10. I'm glad that people from this forum are very funny today:-)!I'm still smiling when I think about De Brakes"hard days" LOL!
  11. Ok,and what you think than what it is all about if they are completely innocent in this (fake)story? P.S.Willow is finish recording her album,Jaden and Will movie will start soon to filming,Hawthorne wouldn't have new season if executive directors don't approve it ...And you know there's no plenty pictures of them going to the store by themselves(smiling from ear to ear day after this rumors came).
  12. Why?Well,let's see...MIB3,Will's music,Jaden and Will new movie,Willow album should be released soon,new season of Hawthorne is questionable...should i continue:-)?As I said,there's no way that they are going to divorce ever,but at my opinion they shouldn't do this cheap marketing.Honestly,when have they ever been caught walking out of some store especially without kids or bodyguards?If they really need something from the store they can send their stuff members,right:-)?
  13. Don't you think that they want this extra attention?Don't know why but they sure do.I mean you can't see them (almost)never this casual .They are always on red carpet or some media events or somewhere with kids...now day after this rumors they are all smiling ,incredibly happy and calm.Not to mentioned that Will is supposed to stay in Philly until tomorrow.I told you from the start that this news is false but I'm really disappointed how they react...like some young reality stars who are desperate for some media space and who spread the news by themselves.Good news is that we can end this topic!
  14. You people are so funny .I haven't laugh so hard for a long time !Thank you!
  15. Just one more thing.Can you imagine Jada and Marc together ?!Two tiniest people in Hollywood ! I know it sound mean but I can't helped it:-)!No one would leave Will for Marc!Seriously!
  16. People common :-), Will and Jada say so many times that"their marriage is perfect","divorce is not an option","we have fabulous sex life" blah,blah,blah.Even if this is true,they would never ever get divorce because both of them has huge ego(i liked Will but honestly it is what it is).Will always saying that his divorce from Sheree was his only failure because he's a winner in everything so he can't "fail"again.And Jada indirectly admit in some interviews that they had some kind of open marriage so it obviously works for them. De Brakes,Willow and Jaden will be alright.They can keep their private life far away from Hollywood (like Tom Hanks,Maryl Streep,Denzel and many other celebs..)but they adore attentions and don't mind the fact that their kids are in the spotlight.So,this is a very small sacrifice!So many kids going thought much harder things every day. I don't wanna to sound rude or like a hater,I obviously like Will (as an artist)but I hope that no one here is some crazy teenage fan.As I said,I like Will but I'm not gonna to idolize him.So relax this isn't true!Let's keep talking about his music:-).
  17. Trey doesn't have twitter.This is fake account.
  18. They would feel like millions of other people all over the world who are going thought divorce,right?And when somebody decide to divorce that means that he/she wasn't happy in that marriage,so this is not the end of the world.And as I said I don't get how anybody could imagine that this is truth.They would never get divorce because they are think about their image little too much(and of course because they are happy I guess)so there's no reason to be worried!Btw,Will got thought one divorce and he survived(remember Sheree LOL)
  19. Jazzy Julie why are you so worried?How this news(truth or not)going to change your life LOL? And don't worry this is not true,of course,because they can't let this to happen.They spoke sooooo many,many times about their marriage (and their sex life btw)and how it's perfect that they simply can't divorce ever!Even if they are miserable(and I DON'T say that they are)they will stay together because they build such perfectly picture of their life that they can't ruin it,no way!So relax people and let's go back to story about Will's comeback !
  20. As I said,I doubt that he's in Miami only because of this party,so there is possibility, but we will see...Kyle mentioned Will very often on his twitter so we should follow him;-).Don't know why I'm so negative but I wouldn't be surprised if after all he announced that Willow working on something ,or Jaden,or Kyle,or their cousin,or whoever...LOL.That's because I can't wait to hear something directly from Will!
  21. I don't think that he's improved,it's typical gangsta rep,very bad music(if you can call it music)at my opinion but different people has different taste !
  22. http://www.msjamerica.com/2011/08/trey-songz-and-will-smith-visit-moet.html I know this is some charity event but he sure not in Miami only for this party.Maybe something with Trey Songz?Who knows,we can only guess until we hear something directly from Will.i still wanna hear Will before I start to celebrate P.S.I don't like the fact that he's going to let Kyle to work with him(at least he always write something like that on twitter).Don't wanna to sound rude but from that music what I heard Kyle really doesn't have zero talent.Wonder why he never take Trey with him when he's in studios,with Jay-Z etc.If he wanna to be producer it's going to be great thing for him that he could just be in studio and watch all this big names and learn from them.I don't know does he have any talent but I doubt that he's worst than Kyle LOL!
  23. That is a great,great news but skeptical as I am,I don't wanna be too excited before I hear something from Will.I want him to say:"Yes,I'm back!" Maybe I worried because Willow,Jaden,Kyle,Jada's cousin Tamira...they all recording something right know so I think that there's possibility that it's all because some of them.Hope that I'm wrong!I wanna be wrong this time!Anyway ,as I said,can't wait to hear this directly from Will...or Jeff.
  24. KSmith also wrote on twitter that Will will be collaborate with this dude and he also mentioned Bruno Mars ? and that Will will help him(Kyle) with his album but honestly I'm not really understand what he's talking about cause my English is pretty bad and he speak (I mean wrote)some sleng words which I really don't understand
  25. Thank you gosia.Wow,they are really rich,I mean really...really rich LOL!
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