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  1. who have skype ? meybe conference?:D
  3. Just cruising Working!! :D thxx grandpa :D ^^ :bump2:
  4. just cruisin is a still unavailable ,why ? please for reupload this clip thx
  5. thank's but '' just cruising '' is a unavailable ?why ?
  6. We are sorry, but all downloading slots for your country are busy. :(
  7. part 3 & 2 RIP ? plizz reupload on odsiebie.com or przeklej.pl
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGoLCva7bZg this is very funy :D I like it who have this ( instrumental bit version ? )
  9. they want to ask you whether you played or whether you like of garden hoes into games of the MMORPG type ?
  10. Hope your Birthday gently breezes into your life all the choicest of things and all that your heart holds dear Have A Fun - Filled Day.
  11. it pleased in order to for me the fact that a next section would come into existence bad boys but it I don't think so real :relieved:
  12. I am waiting for the next movie willa on myspace
  13. 350 K/m :D , great it would be to see your concert in Poland: D
  14. you live near me, how you will have the concert in Poland let know it certainly I will drop in: D I added u to familiar on my space :D:D
  15. COBY

    My Live

    lol-lol :D Go to Russia :D icegirls and vodka :D
  16. COBY

    My Live

    lol, come to Poland Polish girls = hot hardcore and fun :D at us they are best, yeah not it what latinogirls but....
  17. very good, a bit too little energi but good, do you live in Germany?
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