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    Turntable got a reaction from FretMonkey22 in 'Bright'   
    Straight to Netflix is NOT straight to TV or DVD.
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    Turntable got a reaction from JumpinJack AJ in What Are You Listening To? XXI   
    AJ, we might not have agreed on much during the last 10 years, but thanks for this one
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    Turntable got a reaction from VIsqo in Trackmasters on working with Will and others   
    Funny thing is this is what most people would say about working with the trackmasters today
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    Turntable got a reaction from VIsqo in We opened a new Hotel - "HotelamBach" - Check it out ya'll   
    Hey ya'll,

    I just wanted to share this with ya'll. I remember we used to have threads were we tell each other what we do for a living.. well now I'm not just a student anymore. My mother decided to get back in the Hotel game (she took a break for two years) and this time she involved me, because I am old enough now and because I'm studying International Bussines Administration.

    So we just took over a Hotel in the Black Forest, a famous region in South Germany (close to Switserland). We picked a town that is well known, because it is in the middel of nature, yet it is not a dead town at all. That is why it is very popular as a holiday location. It is called Hinterzarten. It is also very close to the city of Freiburg, a lovely, historic city (You can compare Freiburg citys like, for example, Salzburg). There are ofcourse a lot of Hotels here, so we decided to be a little more modern than the others Hotels. We do not have a restaurant, but we offer half-board and we only use high quality products. The focus realy is on biological- and slow-food. Because we took over the house about two months ago, we can only slowly change and renovate the rooms, the lounge and so on because we do not wanna close down in the middle of the summer. But we'll get there.

    So yeah.. this may seem like an advertisement.. but it's not, haha. I just wanted to share this with ya'll, but I am proud of the project so I have to talk about it

    Anyway, we now have a website (it is not done at all tho, this is just a subtitude untill the real site is done): http://hotel-am-bach.de/ and a Facebook page (would be great if you become fans): http://www.facebook.com/hotelambach

    Well anyway, thanks for your attention. I would love to get some feedback. Peace.

    P.S. what do ya'll think of the Logo? We like it a lot.

    P.S. 2: am Bach means at the creek

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    Turntable got a reaction from Jin in JayZ says "takeover" beat out "Ether"   
    The Roots, yes.. the rest should not be on that list. Thats the nonselloutyetstillcpopishlist right there, It Was Written and Illmatic are masterpieces.. Thats it tho. The rest of his albums were good, just good. Jigga made three classics, not as good as Illmatic, but as good as It Was Written.
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    Turntable got a reaction from Cozmo D in LL Cool J - No Crew Is Superior   
    thats right about when the beat starts to change
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