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  1. haha that's so sick! finally will's doing something with legends!
  2. Let's hope this comes out sooner rather than later, hip hop needs to be revived badly from these legends! http://ambrosiaforheads.com/2017/01/ll-cool-j-dr-dre-album-update/
  3. Thanks for all the great memories with your magnificent music through the years with Fresh Prince and solo, cheers to many more great years ahead! I'm gonna play Code Red today as a toast:
  4. i think ali was the peak of will's acting performances so i'm gonna definatel get the blu ray
  5. i'm about to drop somethin' special for the livin' legend that rocks the bells who's doin' it doin' it doin' it so well known as ladies love cool james showing the brothers he's on top of the game the master of screen and stage showing some love on 2017 for his birthday having generations of fans feel amazed a worldwide phenomenon inspirational for shorties to the grandmoms showing that we all need love whether he's on his in the house sitcom or on an album with quincy jones mr smith repping hollis to hollywood strong loungin all night long til the break of dawn like michael jordan did on the court none of the competitors could step to jack the ripper he matched them with lyrics of high caliber when mama said to knock em out he brought energy like a muhammad ali bout just ask moe dee, canibus, ice t, and mc hammer know the man can't live without his radio the definition to conquer all you hear on the radio he reaches mass residents all the way to the mr presidents as i count down 4 3 2 1 with flavor in ya ear to continually represent with my father looking down from heaven the power of god conquers ahead we look forward to 2017 and the future ahead for us to win with more classics i also gotta show love to ultimate storyteller slick rick who shares today's birthday with mr smith these legends are the reason why i never give up or give in
  6. you'd be hard pressed to name 25 albums since 2000 that're on the level of those classics unless it's by those artists on the most part haha
  7. at this point i'm surprised that big willie style was even mentioned since not too many people give credit for will's hip hop career but in reality will don't even pay attention to his career anymore...
  8. http://allhiphop.com/2017/01/04/25-rap-albums-turning-20-2017-biggie-2pac-eminem-missy/
  9. yeah it's doing good for any movie not named star wars
  10. i guess in 2017 we only have memories like this from JJFP's career and have to hope more unreleased material gets leaked out...
  11. it ended up gaining some steam around the holiday, congrats...
  12. yeah that chance the rapper album was amazing, props to turntable for putting me onto it: http://allhiphop.com/2016/12/31/allhiphop-hip-hop-album-year-2016/
  14. I just wanted to miss my extended family all the best, I know it's been a rough year for a lot of us but I wanna drop some encouragement and goodwill, I know there's only a slim hope of new JJFP but I'm gonna hold onto it as long as I can, that's the reason why I keep coming back, anyway here's a song I wrote called "Christmas Flow 2016", one love and god bless! i'm here to bring joy like public enemy brings noise the feeling like children hard to avoid this feeling just can't be destroyed i'm talking about the holidays beyond just christmas day but the birth of christ is beyond just a saying or santa claus, reindeer, and candy canes the gift that keeps giving for every age it's all a part of the christmas flow in 2016 on christmas eve there's rain at the jersey shore instead of having snow but the display of the lyrical flow lets it all out on the open i'm bringing the gift of peace and hope there's plenty of days during the year where we don't feel the cheer so i want it to be clear that the piece of mind is here so no need to feel overwhelmed when i'm like LL rocking the bells listening to choirs carol so well giving you a slice of heaven to avoid the hell let's go in 2017 feeling divine rather than just waiting for something in line or feeling for all the hype that you read online this season is meant beyond commercialism what you give from the heart is what needs to be the measuring stick putting an end to the foul stench like a peppermint in other words the holidays are meant to be priceless now this is the first season that my papa is spending in heaven like all of our other departed loved ones he's no longer suffering and for that i could feel some bliss since i hold on to the memories of my best friend and extend my love to those who are now suffering whether it's a gift of generocity or some change in my pocket this truely is meant to be the season of giving that's how i choose to end this record i hope this is able to lift up your spirit spreading my message through my hip hop lyrics is how i choose to be living
  15. i'm trying to bring some life to this forum, yes i know y'all that it's dissapointing there's no JJFP in 2016 but that doesn't mean there's not any good music out there still, I know it's not as easy to find as the past but once you search there's still some gems, on that note if anyone has any favorites please share it here, i have more myself but i'm waiting to see more posts before i share
  16. well it seems like will would've been better off releasing a thought out album like lost & found and making a comeback tour with jazzy than doing this movie
  17. word like i say many times u can't take life for granted, will takes his music career for granted, if his pops passing don't motivate him to release songs nothing will unfortunately..
  18. Bell Biv Devoe "Run" Fat Joe Feat. Remy Ma & French Montana "All The Way Up" Britney Spears "Make Me"(another guilty pleasure, lol) Fat Joe Feat. Remy Ma & French Montana "Cookin" Eddie Levert "Did I Make You Go Ooh"
  19. "Nas Album Done" Naughty By Nature Feat. Queen Latifah "God Is Us" Justin Bieber "Love Yourself"(a guilty pleasure, lol) DJ Khaled Feat. Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, August Alsina, Jeremiah, & Rick Ross (now i usually don't listen to most of these artists either but I dig this song) KRS One "Take Em Out"(not his best work but 30 years after he came out he still got that ill battle flow, today's rappers don't want it) Keith Sweat "Let's Go To Bed"(Feat. Gerald Levert)(what more can i say)
  20. Keith Sweat "Good Love" Johnny Gill Feat. New Edition "This One's For Me & You" R Kelly "Backyard Party"(this was really 2015 but this was a summer anthem of 2016 for me) Justin Timberlake "Can't Stop The Feeling" Calvin Harris Feat. Rihanna "This Is What You Came For' Will Smith "Caution In The wild" (if he offically released this it might've been one of his biggest hits since "Switch")
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