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  1. On a MP3 blog, I came accross that:


    The songs of summer — it’s so true. There’s something about certain songs that just mean summer. Over at Soul Sides, they’ve been running lists of summer songs (Check it out here, here, here, and here). Certain songs bring back memories of particular summers. For example, TLC’s “No Scrubs” was the summer jam of 1999; they played the damn thing every ten minutes and I never got tired of it. Prince’s whole Purple Rain album brings back the greatest summer of my life: 1984. Particularly memorable are the album track “When Doves Cry” and the B-side “Erotic City.”

    So, check out the comments from the beginning of the Soul Sides series (Go here and then to comments). Three people recommend DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince’s song “Summertime.” I hate that song! It’s a lame-ass summer song. You know why? Because it’s a total rip-off of the much superior “Summertime” that was released by Doug E. Fresh two years earlier, in 1989. Take a listen for yourself. Sorry that the audio isn’t the greatest quality.

    The song uses a sample from Dr. Savannah’s Original Buzzard Band’s “Sunshower,” which has also been referenced in the song “Sun Shawa” from the hot new British-Sri Lankan rapper M.I.A., who’s just been nominated for a Mercury Prize in Britain. Consider it a bonus summer song.


    I don't know the song "Summertime" by Doug E. Fresh... Do you know it, you?

    Doug E. Fresh has been an american "major rap star" according to the Wikipedia encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doug_E._Fresh)... In any case, if someone finds a link to listen to the song of Doug E. Fresh, put the link here please. I would like to compare both songs...

  2. SOURCE: http://film.guardian.co.uk/news/story/0,12...rticle_continue

    Lynch offers world peace for $7bn

    Staff and agencies

    Thursday July 21, 2005

    What price world peace? David Lynch believes he has the answer, and has set the figure at a comparatively svelte $7bn (just over £4bn). The cash will be used to fund a programme of transcendental meditation in schools across the world, with the aim of transforming the depressed, anxious and drug-addled adults of tomorrow into an army of blissed-out pacifists. Problem solved.

    The maverick film-maker will channel the money through his new organisation, the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace. "I want to raise $7bn dollars," he told Reuters yesterday. "People laugh at $7bn but it would stay in a bank account and the interest would be enough to keep things going on a permanent basis."

    He added: "I would like to find some very wealthy individuals who saw the truth of this and said 'I want to do something for the world which is meaningful'. This is a way to bring real peace to earth. Real peace isn't just the absence of war. It is the absence of negativity."

    Lynch admits that he has been "practising" transcendental meditation himself for more than three decades, which may come as a surprise to his fans, who have lapped up some of the darkest, wildest films of American cinema, hopping from the nightmare visions of Eraserhead through the picket-fence horror of Blue Velvet through to the lurid spaghetti-junction dramas of 2001's Oscar-nominated Mulholland Drive.

    Now the 59-year-old clearly has his sights set on the future. Lynch hopes that his meditation programmes will galvanise the youth of our troubled planet, and is prepared to shrug off the scepticism of his peers. "You can say I'm full of baloney," he said. "But you meet students who get this opportunity and they shine like you couldn't believe."


    Have you heard of that? Isn't it stupid to waste so much money (in case he get the cash) when so many people in Africa for example would REALLY need help for AIDS struggle for example?

  3. "USA have the most influence on countrys. They are the worlds only superpower."

    It's clear that they made a mistake by supporting Saddam Hussein, like all the occidental democracies (yeah, I insist lol)...

    "The attack didn't help the situation. Serbian goverment didn't get overthrown until years later by a public revolution"

    "The attack didn't help the situation" : I don't agree: if they hadn't attacked, the Serbians would have calmly go on their work of ethnic purification. Using force was absolutely necessary. At least 10 000 Albanians were killed.The attack prevented the Serbians from committing more massacres. And you say that "Serbian goverment didn't get overthrown until years later by a public revolution" but what should the american government have done according to you? You would have wanted them to invade Serbia? What have been done was the less bad of all the solutions, I think. What would have you decided if you had been the president of the USA? Seriously?

    "Still.. does thign doesn't matter if the effect doesn't get out to the streets. U.S is not helping Afghanistan."

    There are still a lot of Talibans in Afghanistan of course but this country is being "re-builded" slowly. The minds will change with the new generations thanks to education, access to culture (you couldn't even see a movie when the talibans were running the country!)... Anyways, imagine the situation of Afghanistan if there hadn't been an intervention: the country would still be controled by the Talibans, those fundamentalists who broke human rights! Conclusion:US is helping Afghanistan.

    "Israel May have said so, they may have went on with the temporary peace but they know it's just an act for the public. The same thing with Hamas.

    It goes a couple of months or weeks, and they start again. Neither of the sides want peace right now. If they would.. Israel would stop building the barriers and wall, they would stop the people building houses in palestine. But they don't cause in their heart, SHARON & co want to invade whole palestine."

    Israël says that they will be ok for the creation of a palestinian state when terrorism will stop but it's true that at the same time they just go on with the colonization in Jerusalem-east and in Cisjordany. There's clearly a double-language... As far as Abbas is concerned, I think he really wants peace right now but does he have the means to disarm an organisation like the Hamas that want the destruction of Israël? I don't think...

    "Palestinian athoritys needs education and help in getting control / money to build up an infrastructure and educatioin in those areas where Hamas control the towns."

    I totally agree!

    "U.S is not heling by only helpin Israel and putting in vetos in the U.N trying to stop Israel in several unneccessary attacks."

    Well, US is about to give 50 millions of dollars to improve the conditions of living in the band of Gaza but it's true that they are probably a bit too indulgent with Israël...

  4. I agree with Lerkot.

    The western world should look at itself. We all believe our goverments are these perfect loving people. FUCC THAT!

    Bush, Bush SR, REAGAN, CARTER, CLINTON... ALL OF THEM have parts in KILLING people in the middleeast. In Iran, in Iraq, in Israel, in Palestine, in Vietnaam, In India and in Afghanistan.

    Come on, the US is a terrorist state, the only difference is that they are allowed to do whatever they want to do cause they're the most powerful country in the world. CIA changed the regime in IRAN 1979 leading to the murder of over 1 million communists and opposition members and another million in the war with iraq ( a IRAQ that was funded by the US). But that doesn't really matter... IRAN and IRAQ are arabs and muslims..we can kill those scum... am i right George..?

    CIA funded, trained and gave the Al-Qaeda and Talibans (Talebans) Money.

    The US is backing Israel in killing thousands of people in Palestine.

    What goes around comes around.

    Note: I hate, truly hate people using violence to bring forward their opinions and wantings. But I've also been in the arabworld and in countrys hit by the things the US have done.. that's why i understand what they do. Even though i don't support that as much as i don't support the US politic.

    No, the CIA didn't change the regime in Iran in 1979!! Mohammad Reza Chah Palhavi had good relationships with the USA and the CIA hadn't imagine his reversal. Besides, Khomeyni, the guy who seized power in 1979 and created an islamic republic in Iran considered the USA (in fact, the whole Occident) like absolute evil!! And I don't understand what you're referring to when you talk about "the murder of over 1 million communists and opposition members and another million in the war with iraq ( a IRAQ that was funded by the US)".

    And you seem to think that the USA always misbehave but it's not always the case: for instance, they intervened for good reasons in Koweit in 1991, in Afghanistan in 2001 and also when they

    bombed Serbia in 1999 to stop the massacres of Albanians (who are in a majority muslims...)...

    Plus, several US governments tried to resolve the conflict Israël-Palestine and the US government is in favor of a palestinian state...

    Otherwise, it's true that they shouldn't have used Ben Laden...He came back like a boomerang...

    And I don't think the US is a terrorist state.

  5. SOURCE: http://www.canada.com/entertainment/story....a3-4dffb470c699

    'I'm not retiring,' insists rapper Eminem

    Tuesday, July 26, 2005

    NEW YORK -- Is Eminem headed for retirement -- or just taking a break?

    Earlier this month, reports from his hometown of Detroit quoted sources as saying the 32-year-old rapper would play his last concert at Slane Castle in Dublin, Ireland, on Sept. 17, at the end of his Anger Management tour.

    In a posting on its website, MTV quotes Eminem as saying, "I'm not retiring," and also denying that Encore is his last album.

    Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers III, is quoted as saying: "When I say I'm taking a break, I'm taking a break from my music to go in the studio and produce my other artists and put their albums out."

    He is also quoted as saying, "When I know my next move, I'll tell everyone my next move. Not some reporter who writes a story about 'This is Eminem's last album.' I never said (Encore) was my last album."

    Phone messages and e-mails left with the rapper's publicist by The Associated Press hadn't been returned Monday.

    Eminem has won nine Grammys, including best rap album for The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show. He won an Oscar for the song Lose Yourself from the 2002 film 8 Mile, in which he also starred.




  6. LoL I love the flow this topic took, I just caught up with it  :haha:  Let it be known that the only place I had ever heard of TinTin was in my middle school French text book... Maybe he's more popular outside the US?... Anyways, we were supposed to be able to read them, but of course, I never had any idea what was going on... Ummmm... Je suis un sandwich!  Bonjouir!  Lassaiz-faire!  Charles de Gaulle!  Merci bo coupe!  Peppe le peu!... Ok, I'm done.  :wiggle:

    Tintin is especially popular in Belgium because his cartoonist was Belgian... It's a national pride there. They even painted Tintin on some walls in Bruxelles and he also appears in a subway station like you can see here: http://www.cedimho.be/eurobd/planchedeville/herge6.html

    And yes he is very famous in France also. In fact, in the whole "Old Europe"... lol

    P.S: it's "bonjour", not "bonjouir", "Laissez-faire", not "Lassaiz-faire!", "Charles de Gaulle!" "is OK", "Merci beaucoup", not "Merci bo coupe!", "Peppe le peu!":

    I can't correct you for this one: I don't understand what you mean lol and "Je suis un sandwich!" doesn't mean anything because even in France, the sandwiches can't talk!!!! lol

    Otherwise, the albums of Tintin have also been translated in the Shakespeare's language...

  7. anybody who has a link to http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com on their website.. can you change the link so it says sumthin like "Will Smith Website" and then have the link inside.. this is the only way the website will have any chance of coming up under a "Will Smith" search in google thus increasing the traffic to the site. Its kind of sellin out but I think I have the best Will Smith website on the net and yet I'm not even listed in the top 100 results for a Will Smith search.. by adding that change to your links google will increase the rank

    Here you'll find the websites that have www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com as a link:


    Maybe you could contact the people who run those 47 websites one by one (it's not that much when you think about it!)... Is it a stupid idea?

  8. Bombs in London, bombs in every town is great, AS LONG AS IT DO NOT HURT ANYONE MENTALLY OR PHYSICALLY, because the world gots to know the many misstakes it have done towards itself to be able to repair itself.

    You would be happy if there were explosions in your country provided that nobody would be hurt mentally or physically????? You would like to live in an atmosphere of terror you? Don't you prefer a peaceful world?

    I had to re-read your post several times to make sure I wasn't misunderstanding you... It's really a weird point of view...

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