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  2. hey bea I think the site should be listed in the links section..they even removed my link for the jjfp wikipedia entry! ridiculous.. is there anyway to contact the person who is control of editing the page?

    pass this on if you can

    Hey HawkerTyphoon I am the owner of http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com and I believe it deserves to be listed in the links of Will Smith's wikipedia page. I have run this site by myself for 11 years, it's very successful and yes its in the top 20 in google for a will smith search. This site has over 400 pages of information. It has lyrics to every Will Smith track released(over 130 tracks) it has album pages on every album(11+ albums) it has over 70 interviews with Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff, it has full discography, it has the largest Will Smith community with over 1800 members and 150, 000 posts. It has the only will smith podcast which has had over 60, 000 downloads. It has multiple biographies and movie pages and fresh prince of bel air information. It has a gallery of 800 images that have been viewed 300, 000 times. It recieves 90,000 visits a month. If you are Will Smith fan I can't believe you wouldn't know its the number one will smith site on the net. Will Smith has personally thanked me for my work on the web site and instructed his people to look at my web site when doing his official site. If you need any more proof that is a reputable fan site deserving to be listed in the links just e-mail me.


    As you can see, the request was rejected. What is crazy is that the people who judged the case seem to ignore the rules of wikipedia. As i wrote it, the mention of fan sites is authorized according to wikipedia rules...

    By the way, the person "HawkerTyphoon" wrote me that he didn't like the fan websites. Which says a lot about his state of mind...

    I think there's not a lot to expect now... That being said, you still can add again the site on the page and pray hard for Hawker Typhoon not to visit it... What do you think?

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