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  1. I, I voted for Big Will!


    I dont want to sound like some stupid old lady who complains about everything, but your name really really really sucks in all kind of ways man...

    I know...

    But who cares...

    Besides, It's just a name!

    Yes, it's just a name Lerkot!!!

    @ withe outside-black inside:

    "withe outside":you meant "white" like in "white stripes" for example, right?...

    "black inside":I told you you should stop smoking!!!!! lol ;-)

  2. Yeah that person was crazy,

    I happen to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses, and let me tell you that guy was NOT one.

    He was just crazy!!!

    Please don't think that he was a Witness!!!!

    Our beliefs are based on facts, and logic, and we present them in a non-harrassing way!!


    lololololololololololooolo LOL

    In France, Jehovah's Witnesses=sect.

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