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  1. I just saw the Jimlist40 on JIM TV (its a Belgian music channel) and Switch is on the 2nd place. This is the 3rd week he's on the list. Click here to vote for next week
  2. Switch in The Netherlands: Mega Top 50: #41 (1st week) Mega Top 50: #40 (2nd week) Top 40: #37 (1st week) Top 40: #17 (2nd week) Single Top 100: #18 (2nd week) Single Top 100: #16 (3rd week) http://www.megacharts.nl/full.jsp?
  3. I already posted a topic about Switch in Belgium http://jazzyjefffreshprince.com/forum/inde...?showtopic=3217
  4. Switch in the Belgian charts: Update: Ultratop 50: 24th (first week) Ultratop 50: 6th (second week) Ultratop 40 Wallonie : 38th (first week) Jimlist 40: 17th (first week) Jimlist 40: 5th (second week) Prima Donna: 38th (first week) 13th (second week)
  5. On the Belgian version of Lost & Found there is just one bonus track: coming to the stage we dont have "we wont" could you upload that song for us
  6. you must wait 1 minute after coming to the stage then you hear the remix of switch
  7. pump ya brakes feat snoop dogg is a great track
  8. I am also from Belgium and there is one bonus track on it it is coming to the stage
  9. my fav song is Lost & Found I have changed my name from jellenelissen to Bigwillfan Hero1: you may delete the jellenelissen username if you can
  10. i'm gonna buy the record tomorrow
  11. I think willennium is will smiths best solo album second place is for lost and found
  12. I go out and buy the record tomorrow
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