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  1. If any one is looking for some icons 100x100 of Will just IM me at xxbigwillie4u I have a ton of them but if used anywhere else but here you must credit!
  2. I believe this might have something to do with and RPG(Role playing game) they have tons of those out there where normal people play as celebs
  3. Alright Ya'll I was just listening to the radio and FINALLY they played Switch on 103jamz which is like the #1 station for hiphop in VA so Yay! Will finally got some black radio play!
  4. I heard something about this too. But I also heard about a FPOBA cast reunion so who knows but I think that'll be hella awesome
  5. ReyCrazy619 hey Beelovesrocky94 Hey what's up ReyCrazy619 nuttin Beelovesrocky94 Same here Beelovesrocky94 I got smokin crack today ReyCrazy619 what?! What the blue **** is wrong with you?! Beelovesrocky94 [10:25 PM]: Yep an then my mom got scared ReyCrazy619 [10:25 PM]: Huh why? ReyCrazy619 [10:25 PM]: Smokin crack Bee? u dont need that shiznatz Beelovesrocky94 [10:26 PM]: and she told me I'm movin wit my auntie and uncle in bel air ReyCrazy619 [10:26 PM]: ohh have u ben watchin will? Beelovesrocky94 [10:26 PM]: LOL..Hell yeah! ReyCrazy619 [10:27 PM]: lol I didnt catch on until u said the bell air part
  6. Damn I'm very dedicated I know some of you may think this is stupid but I just went out and bought a two more copies of L&F...Is that dumb?
  7. My fave line that will has says has got to be the one when he takes Aunt Viv to Lamaze class and Vanessa Williams walks in and will goes"Ooh Who is that? she is all that, she is fine!" Then Vanessa takes off her coat and Will goes "She's one of the fat boys!" I thought that was so funny
  8. I hear Alfonso is currently working on an album with an old time singer named Jeffery Osborne..Forgot where I read it but when I find it I'll be sure to post it
  9. Which celeb do you think Will should so a movie with? I say Dwayne'The Rock' Johnson..Cause both of them on screen together *fans self* Whoo! That'll be one hell of a combo..Tell me what you guys think
  10. Okay I got one this one is easy 'Get out of my face Caner'
  11. Went out and got mines...Album is ill, Will does tha damn thing on this one
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