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  1. Oops…grrr….lol Sorry, I’m a newbie here. I dun know no better. ::Laughs nervously and slowly wanders off:: Apologies.
  2. The Internet Movie Database website reports that Will is set to star in the action/comedy flick Affrimative Action with fellow action/comedic star Ben Affleck. The film has started shooting and is now scheduled for release sometime in 2006. View the website for the film and check back for its progress HERE. Thanks! :)
  3. I have been reading rumors circulating over the net (including TV Tome) and there's been talk of Will being interested in doing a spin-off series of Fresh Prince. Word is the show would be about Will and the rest of the kids having a family and career. Has anybody else heard about this? I'm just wondering. It would be cool if this were true, lol! :thumb:
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