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  1. Anthony Hamilton:Comming From were i'm from Will Smith:The Beat Goes Jadakiss:Why Mos Def:The Boggie Man song Big Punisher:Its so hard 2pac:Keep ya head up 1&2,Letter 2 my first born lol evan b2k's boys for 4 life,what you get(these are nice songs!) these help get through my hard life
  2. I would go with p.diddy,lil scrappy,50 cent theres morethat'll name later
  3. Who's the better rapper&actor?For me damn LL Cool J's newest cd the definition is hot!But overall will smith takes this 1 in both categories!
  4. Ok now i understand the whole arguement about jadakiss and you said look at his past albums ok but anyway can't the same thing be said for will smith i'm shure life isn't all about clubbing i mean i respect dude alotta he's 1 of my fave rappers but before you judge jadakiss look at the dude your supporting and i'm not dissing will he says allott of positive things he's realer than most i'm was makeing an example anyways don't take this the wrong way!
  5. And also theres another thread the 1 were 50 talks about em beefs will someone said jadakiss did why for pubicity whoever said that is wrong for putting dude down like that!
  6. Sorry about that i was refering to acters,entertainers,musicans peaple that try to make themslves look good but aren't really what they say they are for me i choose 50cent i respect him allott but in hios interviews&songs he'll diss someone then on in tha club he saying he want peaple to love him like they love pac ^example
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