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  1. ya, strange release date... disappointment that wills not on it too
  2. I gave it an 8. I really liked this movie. I was really happy to see that it was much more then just a mindless action picture. It was really spiritual which I loved! I was on the verge of tears the whole way. The reason I gave it 8 instead of 10 was becasue I didn't like the flashbacks. I just wish the showed that at the begining of the movie. Other then that I love it and recommend it to everybody. WILLs performance was brilliant as well. Oscar nom worthy.
  3. WILL IS the greatest actor out there. I have no doubt. Its sad hes not making music right now, but when it all comes down to it, hes only human.
  4. i just want to defend Born To Reign. It's not his best one but it is still really good. It represents his sensitive side and shows his love for his family. Who says rap Always has to be hard?
  5. Does anybody know when the release date for the I Am Legend soundtrack is? We should keep an eye on that and What the track listing for the soundtrack is?
  6. has anybody found a release date for the I AM LEGEND soundtrack? we should keep an eye on the list
  7. thats great to see! good job! he looks pretty friendly with some people
  8. Also, not to diss will, cause i love him to death and i love this track but... id like to see him actually come to the stage yanno...
  9. in the words of will Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! thats hillarious. hard to tell its him but thats great
  10. i might have missed it but why is clinton in the picture?
  11. it doesnt matter how we do it but we need to get will back on the mic.. i mean if he records on in his trailer he should be able to spit albums out here and there no?
  12. "Im the greatest thang..." fits perfectly with the song
  13. HAHAHAHA classic.. i was hopin for some better lyrics tho
  14. I LOVE L&F it IS the best then Willennium=BWS and i do really like BTR, i think its very underrated
  15. LOL will and souja boy? that IS funny
  16. NIIIICE... and Jada was lookin hot!
  17. WOW will, as a director... thats something to think about. I gotta go out and see the original now...
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