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    Ale reacted to Da Brakes in Jeff in London May 9th   
    Some great pics!

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    Ale reacted to Da Brakes in Jeff in London May 9th   
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    Ale reacted to gosia in What do you think of MIB3?   
    Saw it today at the first screening of the day (lol don't judge me, I was waiting 3,5 years for a new Will Smith movie and I wasn't going to wait any longer). I saw it in 3D IMAX. Even though it was shot in 2D and then converted, the opening scene (when Boris The Animal aka "Just Boris" lol, you'll get it .. escapes form prison) and the time jump scene look amazing in 3D. I had doubts if I wanted to see in in 3D but it was worth it even just for these two scenes. Will and Tommy were great (we already know the characters so don't expect anything knew to see although there is an emotional suprise at the end that involves both of them) but Josh Brolin absolutely nailed this role. What I love about all 3 MIBs is the stuff in the background that you miss when you watch it for the first time and you slowly discover later on so I'll defenately go and see it again. Look out for lil Frank The Pug references in the film (in J's apartment and at the poster in the background in 1969 when the cops stop J's car). Freaking hilarious! Roger Ebert called it the best film out of the 3. I think he was either high when he was writing that or he's just too old to remember how incredible the first MIB was but I do say it's a great film worth your time and money. Go see it!
    My favourite lil line in the film was "Mr. President drank my milk" (you'll get it...freaking hilarious).
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    Ale reacted to Sandy in Men in Black 3   
    pablo trying to rap "back in time" and Will with the Men in Black song. Loved it!
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    Ale reacted to Hero1 in Jazzy Jeff Live in Miami!   
    Wow its interesting seeing all the comments on this video on YouTube! People are really getting stuck into skillz! I don't think Jeff needs an MC personally..the music speaks for itself.. but a lot of people don't like the MCing over the tracks
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    Ale reacted to Hero1 in Jazzy Jeff Live in Miami!   
    part 2 is over here:

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    Ale reacted to Lerkot in The JJFP Forum library   
    Aight I thought it would be nice with a little library. In this message you can check out all the information that has been written about a certain CD or track (and youre not into the search function) through all times (only the stuff in this forum tho haha).

    Unimportant stuff like Will being on TRL for five minutes a year ago is not in the library, and the same thing with most stuff regarding movies, other rappers and stuff like that.

    Forum/site related topics
    What happened to the old forum?
    Discussion about Will/Jeff visiting the site
    Tim wants to know if we want JJFP.com shirts
    Someones unhappy with the forum
    Wes is back - and he has written like a book about it
    Before the redesigning of the site
    Heros JJFP puzzle

    JJFP on other CDs than JJFP CDS/Mixes
    Hiphop Box
    DJ GTS Will mix
    Word about Word 1 and 2
    AJ tells us about the non-album jjfp stuff

    How many tracks have Fresh Prince recorded
    How tall is Jeff/Will
    How to get rare stuff
    How to get JJFP albums/posters/other stuff
    How many albums have Will/Jeff done
    How people get into JJFP

    Caption Contest
    Contest I
    Contest II
    Willreigns contest
    Willreigns second contest
    Willreign with another caption
    Caption Contest 3
    Caption by Willreign again
    Willreigns fourth contest
    Willreign with a new contest
    TopDawgs caption

    A Dog Is A Dog
    slaughtering downloading person + A Dog Is A Dog talk

    Brand New Funk
    Jim reminds us of the smoothness of BNF and Summertime

    Cant Wait To Be With You
    Cant Wait To Be With You - deep

    Girls Aint Nothin But Trouble
    Talkin about the original GANBT version
    Girls Aint Nothin But Trouble "FPoBA version"

    Guys Aint Nothin But Trouble
    Guys Aint Nothin But Trouble questions and thoughts

    I Wanna Rock
    I Wanna Rock versus Pump Me Up

    Im Looking For The One
    Im Looking For The One - underrated
    Im Looking For The One video version

    Just Kickin It
    Just Kickin it/diss tracks discussion

    Just One Of Those Days
    Just One Of Those Days appreciation

    Jeff Waz On The Beatbox
    Jeff Waz On The Beatbox appreciation post

    Live At Union Square (november 1986)
    Photos from Union Square 86-question
    FP cussin at union square?

    You Saw My Blinker
    Reality talk about You Saw My Blinker
    You Saw My Blinker - odd?

    Twinkle Twinkle (Im Not A Star)
    Twinkle Twinkle (Im Not A Star) appreciation/discussion

    This Boy Is Smooth
    This Boy Is Smooth appreciation

    Trapped on the dance floor

    The Things That U Do
    Snippet from music video
    Jims thoughts

    Summertime during the olympics
    New guy wondering over Summertime sample
    Jim reminds us of the smoothness of BNF and Summertime
    Which Summertime remix is the best one, hero wonders
    The mysteries about Summertime
    Yearing for the summertime

    Shadow Dreams
    Shadow Dreams talking

    Nightmare On My Street
    Nightmare On My Street on the radio
    Was there ever a Nightmare On My Street music video?
    Nightmare On My Street music video discussion again

    New JJFP album?
    Forcing Jive to remastering discussion
    What tracks do you want to have remaked?
    Platinum & Gold collection - worth getting?
    Favorite album?

    Greatest Hits
    Two different Greatest Hits versions

    Code Red
    What happened to Code Red?
    Hero rating BWS/Code Red tracks
    Favorite Code Red-track
    New Code Red CD design

    The beats
    The artwork
    Best Homebase track
    Lerkot reviewing Homebase

    And In This Corner...
    Best track
    A little talk about And In This Corner
    Lerkot reviewing And In This Corner

    He's the DJ, Im the Rapper
    People showing love for He's the DJ album
    AJ wants a re-release He's The DJ album

    B-side listening + where you can find them
    Another B-side/Remixes list (bigger)
    Dont Fight The Feeling discussion
    AJ orders Boom Remix
    Kev wondering about Boom remix
    Higher Baby talk
    Best Lovely Daze remix
    Which Summertime remix is the best one, hero wonders
    Word about Word 1 and 2
    B-side talk + Lovely Daze music video talk
    Short Family Christmas talk
    hero posting Family Christmas
    AJ tells us about the non-album jjfp stuff
    Top 3 b-sides
    Will in Sexy Lady remix
    Lovely Daze musicvideo talk
    JJFP made a track named Ki Ki Ri Bu?
    Lovely Daze remixes info

    JJFP Greatest asset
    Will Will win 4th July week?
    How long have you been a fan
    Best b-side
    Boom vs Boom Street Remix
    Best Lovely Daze remix
    How many JJFP tracks have you downloaded?
    Which Summertime remix is the best one
    Tim wants to know if we want JJFP.com shirts
    Will and Jeffs solo stuff is fighting in a poll
    Best JJFP track-poll
    Should Will quit acting and go back to JJFP?
    Album most listened to
    How many tracks with Jeff on L&F?
    JJFP or Will Smith?
    How many JJFP albums do you have and when did you get em
    Your first JJFP album
    Whats your favorite JJFP album?
    Best track ever
    Weakest JJFP album

    Best/worst/most lists
    Best lines
    The greatest hits?
    Which is the best track on each album?
    Discussion about which song Will thinks is the best/worst
    Most underrated JJFP song
    Favorite Code Red-track
    Best chorus
    Most overrated track
    Best of JJFP compilation CD
    Which album disappointed you the most?
    Alltime best JJFP songs
    Top 3 favorite JJFP songs
    Top 3 b-sides
    Top 3 best single/album covers
    Best verse/line
    Your JJFP setlist

    JJFP Live reports/live discussions
    Will in Australia
    Hero talkin bout JJFP tour
    London concert summer 2004
    Photos from Union Square 86-question
    Loretta in Africa?
    Your JJFP setlist

    Old Skool text banners
    Wap mobile phone stuff
    Avatar pictures
    Extremely dope JJFP pics
    New Code Red CD design
    People posting collections
    Another wallpaper
    Typhoon20 showing wallpaper skills

    Strange dadl
    Will Joke
    Dancing to Jiggy with it
    You ever use a Will line?
    Difference btw oldschool and newschool
    The Real Big Willie mets Jada & Will
    New guy getting slaugthered because of downloading
    Luda blasts Summertime/JJFP
    Heros code red-shirt
    Heros signed cds
    FP lyrics of fury
    Before The Willenium 2004 edition
    Prof Will worked with Wycleaf
    Jonny asking about longetivity
    JJFP in GTA: San Andreas discussion
    Jeff goin mooovie star
    Audio interview with JJFP from 1991
    Discussion about the importance of selling and stuff
    Extremely hot Will news last summer
    Interesting about Charlie Mack
    Will says he prefers the music
    Will working with Kanye West discussion
    MTV Base rates best rappers
    Anybody seen Will battling?
    Nas and Will?
    Will Destroys! The Room
    Strange JJFP humour
    What you want Lost & Found to consist of?
    Charlie Mack talking about FP
    Wayne Brady likes JJFP
    Will look-a-likes
    Mixenmasta jokin around
    Lambert is searching with a flashlight for black people in the forum
    The creation order of Girls, Parents and Nightmares
    The fans likes the future
    Discussion about which song Will thinks is the best/worst
    JJFP in a dance video game
    What song would you like JJFP to do an music video for
    Will stealing Jazz from... Jazz?
    DefCM is goin to present a JJFP track for his class - but which?
    The name of Wills kids
    kbf is going to buy a JJFP cd - but which?
    Charlie Mack references
    Discussion about JJFPs music videos
    Nobody remember it
    Ready Rock C question + beatbox discussion
    What tracks do you want to have remaked?
    Will vs haters quotes
    Brand New Funk + Deer Hunter = true
    Twinkle Twinkle cover
    FP on "commercial" rap
    What we all thought was an freestyle
    AJ got cameos
    Stuff from The Hypnotic 3?
    Bagotrashos crazy friend
    2005 - a good JJFP year
    Someone *caugh* wants to create a JJFP religion
    Tracks you have not heard
    List of JJ rap tracks
    Sellout discussion
    Jeff stats
    Rarest Thing in Your Collection
    Discussion about the greatest hits video collection
    JJFP in South Africa audio
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    Ale reacted to Jazzy Julie in Jeff in London May 9th   
    I was just watching the videos ive taken and i didnt hear it at the time but ive caught it. Skillz says "Shout out to the Jazzy Jeff Fresh Prince website crew". We got a shout out and i didnt even realise!
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    Ale reacted to Hero1 in Jeff in London May 9th   
    This whole post has left a huge smile on my face.. it looks like a truly awesome night!!! I love the pic of everyone with Jeff.. who would have thought this would happen when we were all complaining about born to reign haha.. Guess I'll have to time my trip to coincide when Jeff is back in the UK.. Its time to notch off that shadow dream and see Jeff with all you guys!
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    Ale reacted to Jazzy Julie in Jeff in London May 9th   
    The guys have let me do the honours of telling you the story. So me, Brakes, Kev and Kevs friend Mario met for pre-drinks at Kevs hostel, we made our way over to the Jazz cafe nice and early and we were sat having a chat on the sofas. Darnell came in and actually noticed Brakes before we even saw him. He came over to say hello and the guys introduced me. Everythig ive heard about Darnell is true, he really is the friendliest guy ever. He then bought us a round of drinks and told us we wernt allowed to nurse them, so we had to down them. We wernt so sure about this idea bcoz it was only 8pm and we had already been drinking since 6pm. I wanted to actually remember the show lol. Darnell then introduced us to a guy called DJ Badger and sat him down with us and told him we were like family lol. Darnell then had to leave for a bit and left us chatting with Badger.

    We made our way into the crowd about an hour later waiting for the show and we wernt sure if Darnell would find us or if we would even get to meet Jeff afterwards. So Jeff came up and started the show, he was amazing to say the least, the place was packed full and he had the whole crowd going. About an hour in i get tapped on the shoulder by Kev and i turn around and Darnell is there and grabs my hand and leads me to the stage. So there i was on stage stood next to Jeff taking pictures. Darnell said "you can film if you want" so i did, i was filming little bits and then i stopped for a bit. Darnell said "You want to film this bit", he was right, Jeff did Rock the bells and it was awesome seeing that up close!

    So i go back down and Darnell says "I'll make sure you meet him afterwards". A bit later on he gets Kev up, Skills even shouted "Its Kevtastic" to the crowd haha. So Kev filmed and took pictures too. Just as Jeff was playing summertime and finishing the show Darnell calls us up and takes us upstairs. Brakes then got to be a roadie and ended up carrying one of Jeffs cases. So we wait round for a load of other people to get Jeffs signature and we go in last. The guys made me go first and instead of sceaming i go all shy and starstruck and dont know what to say. So i told him he killed it and asked for a signature and picture. Kev then gives Jeff an England football club T Shirt with "The Magnificant 88" on the back.

    So we're all just chatting and Kev tells Jeff that Tim your planning on coming here pretty soon and Jeff seems excited about it. Darnell was telling Jeff how im from the site as well and that we've been members for ages. Its hard to remember everything coz it ends up all a blur but it was an amazing night. Heres some pictures, if they work.

    JJFP.com reprisent

    My lovely view

    Brakes with Jeff's case

    Kev and the T Shirt he gave him

    Me and Darnell

    My signed CD

    My pic with Jeff is on a weird setting on my camera by accident so i have to figure out how to upload that one. The others have pics of us all with Jeff so i'll let them post those ones.
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    Ale got a reaction from Manuel Martin Ela Ndong in Men in Black 3   
    Hey, another Spanish over here! Welcome. I'm sure he'll come to Spain to promote the movie next month.
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    Ale reacted to Jazzy Julie in Game Producer Working on T.I. & Will Smith Comeback Albums !   
    Jeff just posted this on facebook/twitter.

    Coming Soon!!!

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    Ale reacted to the magnificent in Got me a rare vinyl! (plus updated pic of the plaque)   
    Hi all

    Got another piece of rare jazzy jeff n fresh prince memorabilia, their first single on vinyl signed and still sealed! this was back when jazzy jeff wasnt written as DJ jazzy jeff on the record which later got changed when WORD got changed to WORD-UP , enjoy the pics!

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    Ale reacted to Silver Tiger in Impulsive Legend- My Newest Video   
    I just finished it. I've been working on it pretty much nonstop over the past few days. I'm pretty pleased with the results. I'd love to get some feedback.

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    Ale got a reaction from VIsqo in 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air': A tribute to the series that launched Will Smith   
    I wanted to share this article, it was a nice read..


    Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down. And I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there, I’ll tell you how I became obsessed with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Really, seriously obsessed. And, strangely enough, not until recently. Sure, I caught the show every once in awhile in the 1990s. But I never fully appreciated it until I was much older — and aware about Will Smith’s status as a superstar.

    Prior to revisiting Fresh Prince a few years back, thanks to those TBS reruns, I never could call myself a fan of the multi-camera sitcom. Most series in the genre were dated, predictable, and less funny than Hillary’s boyfriend Trevor. So when I flipped on a rerun of Fresh Prince a few years back, I was surprised how much Fresh Prince distanced itself from other sitcoms of its era. The wardrobe might have represented the worst of the ’90s, but the series still felt, well, fresh. The show took risks, going bluer than most sitcoms aimed at a family-friendly audience. And, most importantly, it was knock-down, drag-out funny.

    Of course, most of the credit can be given to its star, Will Smith. Even in his early days as an actor, the multi-hyphenate lit up the screen, commanding it better than co-stars with years more experience. Tuning into Fresh Prince, it was clear the young actor would soon be inviting cheers at your local theater punching aliens. But part of what made Smith so impressive — and so darn likable — was his ability to share the wealth on-screen. Yes, he stole every single Fresh Prince episode. And, yes, the series would be lost without him. But Smith allowed Fresh Prince to be an ensemble show, even when it was clear he was its true star. The show wouldn’t be complete without James Avery’s Philip Banks, a foil who showed us exasperation at its finest. Or Janet Hubert and Daphne Reid’s Vivian Banks (Hubert left the show after three years), the straight woman who could still keep up with her wise-guy nephew; Karyn Parsons’ Hilary Banks, the Veruca Salt-esque spoiled cousin with a heart of gold — because that’s all she loved; Tatyana Ali’s Ashley Banks, the adolescent cousin who adored Will and served as proof that Smith could cater towards a family-friendly demographic; Joseph Marcell’s Geoffrey, the hospitable butler who evened out Will’s manic ways with quiet hostility; and, of course, Alfonso Ribeiro’s Carlton Banks, a character so outlandish, everyone could mimic “The Carlton Dance” to this day.

    The series was so fresh and so smart, it’s no wonder several high-profile guest stars stopped by the Banks mansion throughout its run: Fresh Prince boasted appearances from the likes of Tyra Banks, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Queen Latifah, and Dick Clark. But the series hardly needed big names to succeed. Actually, I always preferred the episodes that would focus squarely on the Banks family and Will’s hijinks. Think “Talking Turkey” (the first Thanksgiving episode), “Burnin’ Down the House” (in which Will accidentally destroys the Banks kitchen), and “Strip-Tease For Two,” when Carlton and Will unintentionally become the dancers for a party involving Aunt Vivian. The Banks were a glamorous family with big hearts and hearty humor — who wouldn’t want to join in with their shenanigans? And give Smith millions and millions of dollars to headline Hollywood’s most profitable films?

    But now I turn things over to you, PopWatchers. What are you favorite memories involving the Banks family? And, with the exception of Will, who was your favorite Fresh Prince character?

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    Ale reacted to VIsqo in What Are You Listening To? XXI   
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    Ale reacted to Hero1 in New Smilies   
    Well, I've just been hanging out with Souljah Boy and I don't mean to get on my but Will is gonna make a new album when and anyone who thinks Will is gonna jump on the mic is just and that is that!
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    Ale reacted to Da Brakes in Forum update   
    Looks very fresh indeed! Change is good!

    One question tho... is there any way to get more emoticons? We used to have loads but the number seems to have decreased!
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    Ale reacted to Ale in CONVINCING THE PRINCE 2 RETURN   
    Yea, that's what I think too.

    250 members! :bump2:
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    Ale got a reaction from Melle in Convincing Will to rap again!   
    Yeah, we have to do that especially the day of his birthday because his Wall will be full of messages.

    I was hoping Romano posted the vid he made, but here it is anyways:

    Will Smith should make another rap album


    Great job man!
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