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  1. I think he needs to be seen in public again, either by going to movie premieres or events, or being active on his social media again. He has to act normal even knowing that people will keep reminding him what happened and make jokes about it. But act normal after all. To keep being who he is, who he has always been. And sooner or later, do a show with Chris Rock to talk about why he reacted the way he did, to try to explain why he did what he did, and hopefully settling this once and for all (or at least clearing things up a bit), just like in the encounter he had with Janet Hubert in the FPOBA reunion.

    Until this happens, I'm afraid people won't stop talking about it or forget it, if they ever do, so I think it would be a good thing for him to act normal again and not give that feeling that he's hiding from everyone, somehow. But, of course, he needs to do it when he's really ready and has received all the help he is surely looking for.

    Just my opinion.

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