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  1. 'Aladdin' will become Will's second movie domestically by tomorrow.

    Domestic:      $305,861,946        35.0%
    + Foreign:      $568,300,000        65.0%
    = Worldwide:      $874,161,946    

  2. 9 hours ago, DevilsJim89 said:

    They must've shot so much footage that I hope it gets released. Clearly they did Brand New Funk so I hope they release that too.

    Yea, the 'BNF' performance from rehearsals was posted on Facebook shortly after the two 2017 concerts. I had the chance to watch it before they removed it (talked about it on this thread: http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/forum/topic/16117-jazzy-jeff-and-fresh-prince-are-back-2-live-shows/?page=18). Hope Will or someone releases it just like 'From Da South'. Would be dope to see as much footage as possible!

  3. Impressive numbers! 'Aladdin' will be Will's highest-grossing movie internationally by tomorrow (only $7 million to top 'Independence Day'). It's still his third movie domestically, though. I think it will take the second place in a few days, but beating 'Suicide Squad' with $325 million will be much tougher (but not impossible). We'll see.

    Amazing numbers. A sequel is already rumoured. And as for the Oscar nom.. I don't know. I see him getting a nomination for movies like 'King Richard' or even 'Gemini Man', but not for movies/roles like 'Aladdin'/The Genie. We all know the kind of movie that the Academy usually likes :lol:

    Domestic:      $287,510,128        35.5%
    + Foreign:      $522,600,000        64.5%
    = Worldwide:      $810,110,128     

  4. 'Aladdin' becomes the third most successful Will Smith movie ever at both domestic and worldwide box office.

    Domestic:      $263,446,314        36.3%
    + Foreign:      $461,400,000        63.7%
    = Worldwide:      $724,846,314     

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