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  1. 'Aladdin' is the second biggest opener ever for Will Smith, only behind 'Suicide Squad' ($133 million).

    Domestic:      $86,100,000        41.6%
    + Foreign:      $121,000,000        58.4%
    = Worldwide:      $207,100,000


    I've just seen the movie. It's a pretty fun one, with incredible musical numbers and choreographies. Great action sequences as well. If you're a fan of the original, it won't disappoint.

    Mena and Naomi are great in their roles. Much chemistry between them, and very solid performances. Loved Dalia too. A very funny character. They made a good decision by including her in the film. I didn't like Marwan Kenzari as Jafar, though. I was expecting a much more intimidating, creepy man, and I didn't see that. It felt as if the movie wasn't more enjoyable for that reason. Bad casting choice, in my opinion.

    Will, as expected, was fantastic. Perfect role for him. Can't think of anyone right now who could have done it better as the Genie. He's super charismatic and funny in this movie. Definitely one of his best roles.

    7/10 for me. Go, watch it and enjoy the songs!

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