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  1. Good Not Great is good enough for this to blow up as the biggest hit of the summer. Good for Will if he picks roles well going forward.

    Not great news if he now puts his rap career on the back burner because of this. Not that he had spent much time on it anyway.

  2. Considering the willingness for us to get to a show. The real fans. it is very frustrated. I know Jeff is doing his best, but it all lies with Will and his scheduling and willingness.

    The fact i am finally learning to drive (Its not cheap over hear), and saving for my wedding next year, i'm pretty much broke for any extra spending on myself. But this is the one thing i would make the money for.

  3. Well 10 years on from 2006. Weird to say that in itself.

    I am working in a decent job in media. There's always that urge to want more and better for myself in that department. But i have good work colleagues.

    My social circles are still big and i am happy to say i have kept all my friends from 2006 and added a ton more. I may not see a lot of them these days but when we do get together its like nothing changes.

    I dated a few girls in that 10 year period. But i am now engaged to THE girl who i started dating at the back end of 2014.

    We are marrying next April. Its coming around fast..

    I am still dipping in and out of video / film projects. Although finding the time is always hard. I do enjoy putting together a Retro Gaming youtube show with my Brother Rudi. We put our monthly content and its a blast to film the episodes.

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