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  1. It's a frustrating time for us, as we have been getting glimpses of this becoming a reality on and off for over a decade, and almost been told straight up it will happen within the last couple of months. 

    Its got to the stage where a random friend of mine said "I hear Will Smith's on tour in March", and i'm like "Where the hell did you hear that" . He says its on twitter. So the buzz amongst the casual fan is definatley there and being spoken about.

    Will needs to not lay all his eggs in one basket (movies) and get back to how he was. On top of both Rap and Film 1997-2002

  2. Ted, Up the volume on your vocals. Its tough sometimes to hear them over the beat.


    As for Birthday ideas. I can't believe its been a year since his 50th. May be we could all pull together with our dream tracks for the JJFP shows, what it means to us to see them live finally and send our wishes at the same time.

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