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  1. Ciara probally said that she liked Will, Oh Bow Wow have you every won a grammy or been in a big blockbuster movie, nominated for an academy award. BOW WOW GO BACK TO THE SAND BOX YOU WANNABE 50 CENT
  2. I've notice that the boards are not as active anymore anyone else notice this
  3. Vh1 ranked Getting Jiggy wit it the 27 least hip hop moment. Vanilla Ice called will corney. No respect for a pionner in hip hop and who does vanilla ice think he is.
  4. I think will is gonna get slimed that's what they do at the kids choice awards to the big celebs. I hope will doesnt perform summertime don't get me wrong I love it but I wanna hear more from lost and found.
  5. I loved Big Willie Style and Willenium and the tracks were hot on both of them but like you said Columbia didnt give Born To Reign any room to breath. Columbia thought that his movie success would be able to carry his music so they gave no promotion for born to reign and they locked will up by not letting him say what he wanted. Columbia wanted will to stay in the teeny bopper pop style music but when he did born to reign he showed a deeper and more adult style that is how he got gold. Anyway none of that matters anymore WILL IS BACK :peace:
  6. Even if jeff isn't credited for the scratches his influence is on the album and that's what matters. Jeff and Will are together and stronger then ever so don't fret about the credits just enjoy this chapter in hip hop history.
  7. Will said that he was able to say what he wanted on this album so for that this is his best solo album. Maybe if Columbia gave will more creative control on his music he would have had better material. Columbia is mad at it's self right now and they should be for keeping a rap legend in chains :nono:
  8. Instead Of running into walls I'm gonna do everything in my power to get Switch on TRL and 106 and park. I'm tired of seeing the same bland lil jon crunk and 50 cent, wannabe gangsta videos
  9. When I listen to them I think of the places where I would hear it the one with elephant man is a club track but the r&b mix sounds like R Kelly's Step in the name of love
  10. You can really feel something when you hear it. Will put his heart and soul in this song. It would make a great 3rd single towards the end of summer
  11. Wendy Williams is a big shemale People only like her because she asks stupid questions in her interviews tabloids are her sources and people get dumber just listening to her and get blind when they see her(him)
  12. Lost and found is the best Will smith solo album and I can't wait to get it on tuesday but when I listen to the tracks (tell me why) and the switch r&b remix I feel like I've heard them before. They sort of remind me of Jada Kiss WHY and RKelly's Step in the name of love.
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