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  1. i don`t know where this pic is from but could it be from union square???
  2. hey I´m also born in 86. in september :switch:
  3. does anyone know where i can get some live stuff? maybe can someone upload some stuff here???
  4. does anyone know where i can get this file or can anyone upload it???
  5. does anyone know where i can see the brand new funk video? is it somewhere online?
  6. yeah. i remember that. the episode with the dance contest is also fresh. the famous will/carlton dance with the music from the incredible bongo band - apache i think.
  7. jeff said it at the interview on mtv at isle of mtv. he said he plan an album called the return of the magnificent.
  8. yeah. with a part of the interview. thx man :thumb:
  9. does anyone have the video where jeff performed on isle of MTV 2004?
  10. hi guys. i`ve heard about a new jazzy jeff album`s comin`out with the title "the Return of the Magnificent" i`m from germany and i wanna know if it`s already released in the US.
  11. does anyone know if a video or pictures exist from this performance???
  12. hi. does anyone have the full concert in a good quality??? i like it when jeff transforms but in the version that you can download on jazzyjefffreshprince.com the transformer is not clear in the end. so does anyone have this file in good quality??? ps:i`m from germany. someone else here from germany???
  13. yeah. what a fresh medley. thx :switch:
  14. my favorite episode is the first one and the episode with will and mr. adams in the plane. oh and another one where will plays ashleys father and then will is flirting with mrs. sharp. :clap:
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