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  1. I’m excited about the idea of a new album.. he sounds like he is in a great place mentally and is focused on music again.. we have had so much from him lately and the thought of a whole body of work with this Will is great!

    in response to Em’s MMLP.. that is a fantastic album! Definitely a classic.. it can’t be compared to Willlenium as it is so different on every level.. I still listen to it to this day  

  2. 13 hours ago, Jazzy Julie said:

    This is the best song he’s dropped in the last few years, it’s better than Get Lit. I’m praying he puts a full version on his YouTube.

    The word play in that small clip blows all these mumble rappers out the water.

    Totally agree Julie.. wordplay is sooo good!! Above all it’s great to know that Will “still has it”.. Imagine if he got with Jeff... the magic that would happen.. 

  3. I’m excited about his increased online presence. This is definitely a step in the right direction..

    It’s also a huge platform for Will to Showase music to the world. He already has 3.6 million followers on Insta and almost 50, 000 YouTube subscribers which was reached in a ridiculously short time! I kind of feel he is maximising his online presence for when he starts to drop new music.. 

    When Will goes into the studio with Jeff in January I’m sure Chris will also be there as well. Can you imagine the audience share if both Will and Jeff share the videos Chris does of them together in the studio? Not to mention all the BTS footage of their recent tour..

    I think this is the start of it all 


  4. Just watched it and definitely no where near as bad as the “critics” make out.

    I enjoyed the movie and really enjoyed seeing Will back in the action genre.. 

    This is definitely a big move for Netflix and awesome that Will was able to be a part of it.. 

    Go watch it people... make up your own minds 

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