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  1. Lyrics are now up for those who wanted to read them or follow along to it!!

    That beat was made in 'Reason 2.5' by a friend on my university course! He is a VERY talented guy and is teaching me a thing or two about producing!!

    The sampled voice was from an old RnB song from a guy named Tank. All that was done was my friend took a line from the acapella of the song and simply pitched it up to fit with the track!!

    I've also got a small studio set up in my bedroom as well (Condenser mic, mixing desk and PC) and thats how i recorded it! You don't really need to spend LOADS of money to start up your own mini studio. My entire set up came to under ₤400!

    To record my vocals i used a programme called Cool Edit Pro which is PERFECT for people out there that wanna record vocals onto a track!!

    Thanks for the comments guys!! Really appreciate it!!
  2. Hey guys!!

    I got a new song i'd like you all to listen to and give your feedback on!! All comments are welcome!!

    Its called [b]'Understand'[/b] and can be found at


    Thanks guys!!!

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