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  1. I’m glad he took responsibility for his actions and cleared his wife’s name. there were all kinds of conspiracies about how she was ‘controlling’ him. I think most people are ready to move on now.
  2. he could make a surprise appearance at one of jeff’s upcoming shows. do a couple of songs, and go viral for his music. stay away from the red table. no personal interviews. just keep it light and entertaining.
  3. I remember watching this as it aired on the bbc. we even taped it. just like we did every ‘bel-air’ episode. this was peak fresh prince. not a fan of the song, but it was huge and I was happy for its success. the audience was left wondering if Jeff was going to show up. it was a moment when he did.
  4. am I mistaken, or did there used to be a section of the board dedicated to ‘the fresh prince of bel-air’? liked Joseph marcel being honest about the friction. was probably referring to will vs Janet. interesting that James avery said that it was a show that just happened to star a black family, rather than a ‘black show’. considering the episodes that touched upon cultural specific issues - such as ‘the ethnic tip’ and ‘mistaken identity’ to name just two. the first season is my favourite. would love to find as much behind the scenes footage from that era as I can.
  5. in no particular order ’summertime’ (single version) - classic, laidback. love the way the chorus is sung. ’I think I can beat Mike Tyson’ - vivid, comical, witty. underrated gem. ’girls ain’t nothing but trouble’ short single version- love the sample. catchy, fun and upbeat. wish I could pick more than three.
  6. I love seeing the behind the scenes of season one especially. that’s my favourite.
  7. great performance. I liked how they used props, and the way Jeff hyped up the crowd - which were enthusiastic. lol at the track continuing to play after prince was finished rhyming
  8. I didn’t know that the remix was ‘pop’. I actually prefer it. not only for the production, but the lyrics and delivery. it’s more energetic. plus, the original version was quite dark and disturbing to me.
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