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  1. Summertime... great song doggidy Yo I wanna Rock right now
  2. Dont even Try it Now I don't know what it is But I've had this problem since I was a little kid
  3. Can You Feel Me - No time to sleep Yo it's on tonight
  4. Just Kickin It - Destinned to spend his life inside a cage it seems
  5. Its simple I will think of a line I think will stump ya but if you can get it then you name one -And when the sun drop, (we dont stop)
  6. well I figured we could have just a will or just a jeff why it got to be together its my favorite song with one of the two in it
  7. I wasnt born when this song came out..... unless it was after 89
  8. Number one song for me is 1000 kisses I dont get tired of it ever especialy when with my girlfriend and it explains a lot of what I feel about her
  9. is will's name also Willow?? like his kids
  10. So what is this new movie that Will is in supposed to be about
  11. Well see I thought it was jokin on somethin I just wanted to make sure and know about what it was
  12. Is this really a jjfp song I have never heard fp sing nothin like this before
  13. Dude I have never even heard the show but what i have heard is ALL THE SLAMS BACK at her
  14. OH MAN every time i get in my Talon I blare these songs and hope everyone through town hears it
  15. yeah I know potnas is a great song but these songs are song you never hear about and its great stuff whats up with thta
  16. yeah i figured thats what it was about when i heard thatt song after getting the album
  17. Afro Angel, No More, Potnas, and Pump Me are a few of my favorite songs but I dont think they get as much credit as they desserve.... so let me know what yall think so I can get it straight!
  18. Yo can you find that mixtape anywhere else.... I'd love to get one you are one of the first 15..so u are getting one :2thumbs: Sweet thats awesome now I dont have to worry about it
  19. Yo can you find that mixtape anywhere else.... I'd love to get one
  20. Wait Will is responding to E??? Or other way around
  21. Ah I see... so its never really just one thing Ah I see... so its never really just one thing see I have a problem with that ppl need to learn there aint no point in raggin on someone for who they are what hey do clothes they were nothin everyone is different WHY DONT PPL KNOW THIS
  22. What was the diss by E i thought i had it figured out but you hear so many different things
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