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  1. you gotta love this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBaCcRMStxc
  2. I really hope he doesn't make another MIB movie... I seriously think that another IAL movie sounds better... Even if he shouldn't make that movie either, but I think IAL is 10 times better than MIB or MIIB, so it would probably be a better movie... Since he's not doing music, and want's to focus on movies (I'm guessing good ones, but let's not forget hancock) he should focus on doing movies like "Empire" or "The Last Pharaoh" instead, and seriously VIsqo, do you really think that doing another MIB movie sounds better than Seven Pounds? Cause that's just crazy to me...
  3. Well, I liked POH, it wasn't a fantastic movie... But a good drama... The script for SP is good, and I'm hoping that the movie will be that... One thing I noticed in the trailer is that none of the lines are in the script exept "Why do I get the feeling you're doing me a very big favor?"... They've prob. changed alot... And as always, I think that Will's character is gonna be less creepy and more of a nice guy than in the script... Will needs to stop being involved with the producing! Just do the acting and let the director and producers do the rest! I like that the trailer doesn't spell everything out, at the end of the trailer, when the woman say "what are you planning to do?"... I'm asking the same, even though I've read the script already...
  4. Well, remember in the first one... In the flashbacks where he and his family were driving... That infected guy that jumed on the car... And the movie is gonna be about the time between then and "all alone"... So I think it can be a scarier movie, cause the infected might not be CGI this time... It will prob be more of a zombie movie, a bunch of scary looking infected people, and Will + some other actors... We just have to wait and see, I hope this movie will be good, I'm not expecting a masterpiece... I'm just hoping they don't use CGI this time...
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1fZSemg3iM Hell Yeah!!!! Can't wait for the movie!
  6. Hell YEAH!!! First TV-spot was shown during the presidental debate last night... Haven't seen it... but it can't be long before it pops up on the net... **UPDATE** The official website is up! Nothing more than a pic and a "register for updates" thing... But it feels like the PR for this movie is starting.... http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/sevenpounds/
  7. yea, but kindof not the right audience... But I don't know if sony cares about that, as long as they can get many people to see the trailer... "Miracle at St. Anna" would be the best movie to debut the trailer on, but it prob. not gonna have as many viewers as Eagle Eye... Why can't they just release it on the net, and then put it infont of some movie... I mean, It's just good PR to do that...
  8. http://scottsmall.vox.com/library/post/fiv...ings-91208.html
  9. http://goodbaduglymovies.blogspot.com/2008...ven-pounds.html
  10. :lolsign: That's true... The poster just looks a little to simple, but then... The hancock poster, well... It was just a pic of his face... So I don't know... But I like the "clean" look of it... But I think it's fake...
  11. Poster!!!!! Well, don't know if it's real, but looks ok... a little "book coverish", it's the pic that got released a few weeks ago, so maybe someone just made a fake one with that... Don't know... Doesn't really tell you anything about the movie, so the more I think about it... I think it's fake... Well, really hoping to see that trailer soon!
  12. http://dahlia-press.blogspot.com/2008/09/d...rinterhmmm.html
  13. Another review: http://what-providence.livejournal.com/236819.html From IMDB:
  14. Another review... And guess what! The reviewer has a problem with the ending, Déjà vu anyone? http://wholelottanoethen.blogspot.com/2008...on-tonight.html Well, it's only one persons opinion... Still sounds like an ok movie. I like the fact that Will's character came across as sort of creepy, well... Think it's gonna be a great performance by will, in a good movie, but not great as usual...
  15. apparently there was a screening in seattle yesterday also... Hoping to see some reviews, but a little wierd to have screenings before a teaser... Well, well... Can't wait for the trailer, and hoping for positive reviews. Here's a short review... not much info, but nice to hear he thought it was good. http://www.tribalwar.com/forums/showthread.php?t=556666
  16. Nice to see that pic in better quality! I'm guessing the trailer debutes with Lakeview Terrace in two weeks... Well, hoping for it anyway.
  17. Special Features on DVD: Disc One: • Extended Cut and original Theatrical Version Disc Two: • “Superhumans: The Making of Hancock." • “Home Life” (a look via time lapse photography at the building of the homes/buildings used in the film). • “Seeing the Future” (film shown in pre-viz and actual footage). • “Suiting Up” (featurette on costume design). • “Building a Better Hero” (special effects featurette). • “Bumps and Bruises” (a breakdown of action sequences in the film). • “Mere Mortals: Behind the Scenes with ‘Dirty Pete’” (a look at director Peter Berg). http://hmv.com/hmvweb/displayProductDetail...&sku=840142
  18. Seven Pounds, Movie Preview Owning the month of July apparently isn't enough for Smith, who's slowly looking to claim another whole page of your calendar. Two years, nearly to the day, after his Oscar-nominated performance in Muccino's The Pursuit of Happyness, the director and star are teaming up again for another December inspirational drama. This time, Smith plays Ben Thomas, a suicidal IRS agent who finds meaning and love — with a terminally ill woman (Dawson) — after co-opting his brother's identity. The megastar and the Italian director ''are like brothers,'' says Ealy (Never Die Alone), who plays Ben's mysterious brother. ''They play-fistfight all the time.'' Our Two Cents: Don't bet against Smith, in the play-fistfight or at the holiday box office. 12/12 http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20219070_2...0219356,00.html
  19. The release date has been changed to December 19th in the US. http://www.variety.com/article/VR111799051...yid=13&cs=1
  20. This is just to sad, RIP Hayes. And both Hayes and Mac are in the same movie coming out in november... http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1111948/
  21. I'm just gonna' shut down my politic opinions for the next two weeks, and enjoy this... I have time to hate later...
  22. I read this a few hours ago... I knew he was in the hospital with pneumonia, but his rep said he was in stable condition and that he would be released in a few days. Rest in peace Bernie...
  23. just ran it trough google translator... not a great translation, but you can understand the text now anyway... I think this movie can be really good. I hope so anyway... Could be better than POH... As long as Akiva Goldsman stays far away from the movie, it will be fine :)
  24. thanx, but it was much more about the movie, with the quote from Will and all of that. Maybe it was taken from two different interviews...
  25. I read an interview with Bobby Seale in an swedish film magazine where they talked some about the movie. It's prob. just a part of some bigger interview from some other magazine.... He said something like: Have you heard about the new Spielberg film? He is going to make a movie called The Trial of the Chicago 7. Guess who is going to play me? And the interviewer said something like Sam Jackson or something like that... Bobby replied: No, Will Smith... And the interviewer told him what Will had said, the quote "I doubt I will be in it. Or probably not, anyway". And Bobby Said something like: I need to talk to him! I really hope he does talk to him, and get him to do the movie!
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