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    thePrince got a reaction from VIsqo in Why did Will Smith slap Chris Rock at the Oscars?   
    Nah, just sounds like he wants to monetise the situation by selling his story.
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    thePrince reacted to Jazzy Julie in Will Smith   
    That reminds me. I need to make an account with the lil Wayne forum to tell them all his music sucks. 
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    thePrince got a reaction from VIsqo in Why did Will Smith slap Chris Rock at the Oscars?   
    Well, if nothing else, it’s brought us all back together again!  I remember when I first joined the board over 20 years ago, Ali was being released.  On the old Sony willsmith.net BBS there was a lot of hype amongst the Willennium-era fans that the role could land Will Smith his first Oscar.  Of course it wasn’t to be, and nor were various future film roles that seemed sometimes almost deliberately chosen by WS to try and achieve his desired yet elusive Oscar success.  In the end I (and probably most of you) got a bit bored of that endless pursuit.  The irony, then, is that something that WS has worked fairly relentlessly for over 20 years or more to obtain - and which he should now be able to consider one of the greatest achievements of his life - will now forever be tainted in his mind and ours by the Chris Rock debacle.  And he had his mother and other friends/family watching the whole spectacle from home as he came to pieces before them in the most public of environments.  I don’t entirely know what I feel about the incident - I don’t necessarily disrespect it, but it’s confusing to process, which leads me to wonder if there’s not some sort of recent undercurrent between the two that we are unaware of.  What is clear though are the following points.  Chris was completely wrong to make these insensitive remarks about WS’s wife and her health, and he should never have made them before the world on that stage.  WS’s temper flashed and I’ll bet he didn’t entirely know what he’d done until after he did it.  Perhaps his ability to handle such situations is changing with age.  He is entirely right to stand up for her, but he is entirely wrong to do it in the manner that he did.  I’m sad for him because what should have been one of the true high points of his career will now forever be connected to an ugly low.  He will have to live with that.  It’s one thing to defend your family, but he should left the public swinging behind in the Ali days, 20 years ago. And Jaden’s “And that’s how we do it” Twitter remark isn’t exactly a good look for the family either.
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    thePrince reacted to gosia in Why did Will Smith slap Chris Rock at the Oscars?   
    Let us now move on to things that actually matter in our own lives.
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